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Broader Terms:
   Geometridae (cankerworms) 
   Mammalia (mammals) 

More Specific:
   Theria birufa 
   Theria birufra 
   Theria crypta 
   Theria fasciata 
   Theria flavidula 
   Theria ibicaria 
   Theria illataria 
   Theria nigrescens 
   Theria pallida 
   Theria palpalis 
   Theria persica 
   Theria primaria 
   Theria rupicapraria 
   Theria rupicapraria culminaria 
   Theria rupicapraria ibicaria 
   Theria rupricapraria 
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Theria rupicapraria
Svenska fjärilar

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Did you mean: Thaera, Thera, Therea, Thereus, Therius or Therrya?

Common Names: звери, 獣亜綱

1.  Cooperative inflammation: The recruitment of inflammatory signaling in marsupial and eutherian pregnancy.LinkIT
Stadtmauer DJ, Wagner GP
Journal of reproductive immunology, 2020

2.  Patterns of mammalian jaw ecomorphological disparity during the Mesozoic/Cenozoic transition.LinkIT
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3.  Expansion, retention and loss in the Acyl-CoA synthetase "Bubblegum" (Acsbg) gene family in vertebrate history.LinkIT
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4.  The evolutionary process of mammalian sex determination genes focusing on marsupial SRYs.LinkIT
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5.  New evidence for mammaliaform ear evolution and feeding adaptation in a Jurassic ecosystem.LinkIT
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6.  Functional morphological adaptations of the bony labyrinth in marsupials (Mammalia, Theria).LinkIT
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7.  Evolution of the patellar sesamoid bone in mammals.LinkIT
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8.  The evolutionary origin of jaw yaw in mammals.LinkIT
Grossnickle DM
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9.  Cellular Scaling Rules for the Brains of Marsupials: Not as "Primitive" as Expected.LinkIT
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10.  Resolving the evolution of the mammalian middle ear using Bayesian inference.LinkIT
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