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   Lutjanus argentimaculatus (Thambalaya) 

   Lutianus argentimaculatus 
   Lutjanus argentimaculatus (mangrove red snapper) 
   Lutjanus argentimculatus 
   Sciaena argentimaculata 

Broader Terms:
   Lutjanus (snappers) 
   Perciformes (perch-like fishes) 
   Sciaena (black drums) 
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81.  Mechanisms of stress-related muscle atrophy in fish: An ex vivo approach.LinkIT
Torres-Velarde J, Llera-Herrera R, García-Gasca T, García-Gasca A
Mechanisms of development, 2018

82.  Genome size estimation of brackishwater fishes and penaeid shrimps by flow cytometry.LinkIT
Swathi A, Shekhar MS, Katneni VK, Vijayan KK
Molecular biology reports, 2018

83.  Chondroitin sulfate/dermatan sulfate from corb (Sciaena umbra) skin: Purification, structural analysis and anticoagulant effect.LinkIT
Bougatef H, Krichen F, Capitani F, Amor IB, Maccari F, Mantovani V, Galeotti F, Volpi N, Bougatef A, Sila A
Carbohydrate polymers, 2018

84.  Two species of Neometadena Hafeezullah & Siddiqi, 1970 (Digenea: Cryptogonimidae) from Moreton Bay, Australia, including the description of Neometadena paucispina n. sp. from Australian Lutjanidae.LinkIT
Miller TL, Cutmore SC, Cribb TH
Systematic parasitology, 2018

85.  Francisella marina sp. nov., Etiologic Agent of Systemic Disease in Cultured Spotted Rose Snapper (Lutjanus guttatus) in Central America.LinkIT
Soto E, Griffin MJ, Morales JA, Calvo EB, de Alexandre Sebastião F, Porras AL, Víquez-Rodríguez X, Reichley SR, Rosser TG, Ware C, Byrne BA, García JC, LaFrentz BR, Camus AC
Applied and environmental microbiology, 2018

86.  Sterigmatomyces halophilus ?-glucan improves the immune response and bacterial resistance in Pacific red snapper (Lutjanus peru) peripheral blood leucocytes: In vitro study.LinkIT
Reyes-Becerril M, Guardiola FA, Sanchez V, Maldonado M, Angulo C
Fish & shellfish immunology, 2018

87.  Occurrence of larvae of trypanorhynch cestodes in snappers (Lutjanidae) from northeast Brazil.LinkIT
Alves AM, Souza GTRE, Takemoto RM, Tavares LER, Melo CM, Madi RR, Jeraldo VLS
Revista brasileira de parasitologia veterinaria = Brazilian journal of veterinary parasitology : Orgao Oficial do Colegio Brasileiro de Parasitologia Veterinaria, 2019

88.  Comparative demography of commercially-harvested snappers and an emperor from American Samoa.LinkIT
Taylor BM, Oyafuso ZS, Pardee CB, Ochavillo D, Newman SJ
PeerJ, 2018

89.  New records of philometrids (Nematoda: Philometridae) from marine fishes off Australia, including description of four new species and erection of Digitiphilometroides gen. n.LinkIT
Moravec F, Barton DP
Folia parasitologica, 2018

90.  Mitochondrial signatures revealed panmixia in Lutjanus argentimaculatus (Forsskål 1775).LinkIT
Gopalakrishnan A, Vineesh N, Ismail S, Menon M, Akhilesh KV, Jeena NS, Paulton MP, Vijayagopal P
Journal of genetics, 2018