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   Lutjanus argentimaculatus (Thambalaya) 

   Lutianus argentimaculatus 
   Lutjanus argentimaculatus (mangrove red snapper) 
   Lutjanus argentimculatus 
   Sciaena argentimaculata 

Broader Terms:
   Lutjanus (common snappers) 
   Perciformes (perch-likes) 
   Sciaena (black drums) 
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External Resources:

191.  A review of the status and development of Kuwait's fisheries.LinkIT
Al-Husaini M, Bishop JM, Al-Foudari HM, Al-Baz AF
Marine pollution bulletin, 2015

192.  Expression of myostatin in the spotted rose snapper Lutjanus guttatus during larval and juvenile development under cultured conditions.LinkIT
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193.  Identification and characterization of tumor necrosis factor receptor (TNFR)-associated factor 3 from humphead snapper, Lutjanus sanguineus.LinkIT
Cai J, Xia H, Huang Y, Tang J, Jian J, Wu Z, Lu Y
Fish & shellfish immunology, 2015

194.  Human health risk assessment of pesticide residues in snappers (Lutjanus) fish from the Navachiste Lagoon complex, Mexico.LinkIT
Granados-Galván IA, Rodríguez-Meza DG, Luna-González A, González-Ocampo HA
Marine pollution bulletin, 2015

195.  Length-based assessment of coral reef fish populations in the main and northwestern Hawaiian islands.LinkIT
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196.  Trophic behaviour of juvenile reef fishes inhabiting interlinked mangrove-seagrass habitats in offshore mangrove islets.LinkIT
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197.  Spatial behavior of two coral reef fishes within a Caribbean marine protected area.LinkIT
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198.  Two new species of Euryhaliotrema Kritsky et Boeger, 2002 (Monogenea: Dactylogyridae) from Lutjanus russellii (Bleeker) and L. argentimaculatus (Forsskål) (Teleostei: Lutjanidae) in the South China Sea.LinkIT
Sun Y, Yang T
Folia parasitologica, 2015

199.  Life-stages, exploitation status and habitat use of Lutjanus goreensis (Perciformes: Lutjanidae) in coastal marine environments of Lagos, SW Nigeria.LinkIT
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200.  [Osteological development of the vertebral column and caudal complex of Lujanus guttatus (Perciformes: Lutjanidae) larvae under rearing conditions].LinkIT
Rodríguez-Ibarra LE, Abdo-de la Parra MI, Aguilar-Zárate G, Valasco-Blanco G, Ibarra-Castro L
Revista de biologia tropical, 2015