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   Lutjanus argentimaculatus (Thambalaya) 

   Lutianus argentimaculatus 
   Lutjanus argentimaculatus (mangrove jack) 
   Lutjanus argentimculatus 
   Sciaena argentimaculata 

Broader Terms:
   Lutjanus (common snappers) 
   Perciformes (perch-like fishes) 
   Sciaena (black drums) 
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101.  Molecular Characterization of Mosquitocidal Toxin (Surface Layer Protein, SLP) from Bacillus cereus VCRC B540.LinkIT
Mani C, Selvakumari J, Han Y, Jo Y, Thirugnanasambantham K, Sundarapandian S, Poopathi S
Applied biochemistry and biotechnology, 2018

102.  Characterization of nuclear factor of activated T-cells-c3 (NFATc3) and gene expression of upstream-downstream signaling molecules in response to immunostimulants in Pacific red snapper cells.LinkIT
Angulo C, Alamillo E, Ascencio F, Reyes-Becerril M
Developmental and comparative immunology, 2018

103.  In vitro immunostimulatory potential of fungal ?-glucans in pacific red snapper (Lutjanus peru) cells.LinkIT
Cárdenas-Reyna T, Angulo C, Guluarte C, Hori-Oshima S, Reyes-Becerril M
Developmental and comparative immunology, 2017

104.  Identification and characterization of CD40 from humphead snapper (Lutjanus sanguineus).LinkIT
Cai J, Fan Y, Xia H, Lu Y, Jian J, Wu Z
Fish & shellfish immunology, 2017

105.  Marine yeast Yarrowia lipolytica improves the immune responses in Pacific red snapper (Lutjanus peru) leukocytes.LinkIT
Alamillo E, Reyes-Becerril M, Cuesta A, Angulo C
Fish & shellfish immunology, 2017

106.  Morphometric and molecular characterisation of Tenuiproboscis keralensis n. sp. infecting marine and brackish water fishes from the south-west coast of India with a note on morphological plasticity.LinkIT
Kaur P, Shamal P, Chandran A, Binesh CP, Gishnu M, Asokan PK, Sanil NK
Parasitology research, 2017

107.  Interactions between range-expanding tropical fishes and the northern Gulf of Mexico red snapper Lutjanus campechanus.LinkIT
Marshak AR, Heck KL
Journal of fish biology, 2017

108.  Ceratomyxa azevedoi n. sp. (Myxozoa: Myxosporea) parasitizing the gallbladder of Lutjanus ehrenbergii in the Arabian Gulf.LinkIT
Abdel-Baki AS, Al-Qahtani HA, Al-Quraishy S, Mansour L
Parasitology research, 2017

109.  Vertical zonation and functional diversity of fish assemblages revealed by ROV videos at oil platforms in The Gulf.LinkIT
Torquato F, Jensen HM, Range P, Bach SS, Ben-Hamadou R, Sigsgaard EE, Thomsen PF, Møller PR, Riera R
Journal of fish biology, 2017

110.  Chromosomal stasis in distinct families of marine Percomorpharia from South Atlantic.LinkIT
Paim FG, Almeida LADH, Affonso PRAM, Sobrinho-Scudeler PE, Oliveira C, Diniz D
Comparative cytogenetics, 2017