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Broader Terms:
   Phasianidae (turkeys) 
   Tetraoninae (grouse) 

More Specific:
   Tetrastes bonasia (Hazel Grouse) 
   Tetrastes bonasia amurensis 
   Tetrastes bonasia bonasia 
   Tetrastes bonasia griseonotus 
   Tetrastes bonasia kolymensis 
   Tetrastes bonasia rhenana 
   Tetrastes bonasia rhenanus 
   Tetrastes bonasia rupestris 
   Tetrastes bonasia schiebeli 
   Tetrastes bonasia sibiricus 
   Tetrastes bonasia styriacus 
   Tetrastes bonasia vicinitas 
   Tetrastes bonasia yamashinai 
   Tetrastes sewerzowi (Severtzov's Grouse) 
   Tetrastes sewerzowi secunda 
   Tetrastes sewerzowi secundus 
   Tetrastes sewerzowi sewerzowi 
   Tetrastes urogallus 
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1.  Demographic history and divergence of sibling grouse species inferred from whole genome sequencing reveal past effects of climate change.LinkIT
Song K, Gao B, Halvarsson P, Fang Y, Klaus S, Jiang YX, Swenson JE, Sun YH, Höglund J
BMC ecology and evolution, 2021

2.  Genomic analysis of demographic history and ecological niche modeling in the endangered Chinese Grouse Tetrastes sewerzowi.LinkIT
Song K, Gao B, Halvarsson P, Fang Y, Jiang YX, Sun YH, Höglund J
BMC genomics, 2020

3.  Nesting season, nest age, and disturbance, but not habitat characteristics, affect nest survival of Chinese grouse.LinkIT
Zhao JM, Yang C, Lou YQ, Shi M, Fang Y, Sun YH
Current zoology, 2020

4.  Modified forest rotation lengths: Long-term effects on landscape-scale habitat availability for specialized species.LinkIT
Roberge JM, Öhman K, Lämås T, Felton A, Ranius T, Lundmark T, Nordin A
Journal of environmental management, 2018

5.  Guardian or threat: does golden eagle predation risk have cascading effects on forest grouse?LinkIT
Lyly MS, Villers A, Koivisto E, Helle P, Ollila T, Korpimäki E
Oecologia, 2016

6.  Sorting out relationships among the grouse and ptarmigan using intron, mitochondrial, and ultra-conserved element sequences.LinkIT
Persons NW, Hosner PA, Meiklejohn KA, Braun EL, Kimball RT
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution, 2016

7.  Is sexual ornamentation an honest signal of male quality in the Chinese grouse (Tetrastes sewerzowi)?LinkIT
Yang C, Wang J, Fang Y, Sun YH
PloS one, 2013

8.  [Venous sinuses of the dura mater of the bird brain].LinkIT
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9.  A review of wildlife diseases from Scandinavia.LinkIT
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10.  Cycles in voles and small game in relation to variations in plant production indices in Northern Sweden.LinkIT
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