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   Swietenia (mahogany) 

Broader Terms:
   Meliaceae (mahogany) 
   Swietenia (mahogany) 

More Specific:
   Swietenia acutifolia 
   Swietenia alternifolia 
   Swietenia angolensis 
   Swietenia aubrevilleana 
   Swietenia belisensis 
   Swietenia belizensis 
   Swietenia bijuga 
   Swietenia candollei 
   Swietenia chickrassia 
   Swietenia chloroxylon 
   Swietenia cirrhata 
   Swietenia fabrilis 
   Swietenia febrifuga 
   Swietenia humilis (Pacific coast mahogany) 
   Swietenia hybrid 
   Swietenia krukovii 
   Swietenia macrophylla (Bi) 
   Swietenia macrophylla marabaensis 
   Swietenia mahagoni (west indian mahogany) 
   Swietenia mahagoni praecociflora 
   Swietenia mahogani 
   Swietenia mahogany 
   Swietenia mahogoni 
   Swietenia multijuga 
   Swietenia obtusifolia 
   Swietenia rubra 
   Swietenia senegalensis 
   Swietenia soymida 
   Swietenia sureni 
   Swietenia tessmannii 
   Swietenia toon 
   Swietenia trilocularis 
   Swietenia velutina 
   Swietenia villosa 
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Common Names: mahogany

1.  Contribution of Meliaceous plants in furnishing lead compounds for antiplasmodial and insecticidal drug development.LinkIT
Happi GM, Nangmo PK, Dzouemo LC, Kache SF, Kouam ADK, Wansi JD
Journal of ethnopharmacology, 2022

2.  A/D-rings-seco limonoids from the fruits of Aglaia edulis and their bioactivities.LinkIT
Sun Y, Cui L, Sun Y, Li Q, Li Y, Wang Z, Xu W, Kong L, Luo J
Phytochemistry, 2022

3.  Visiting Plants of Mamestra brassicae (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) Inferred From Identification of Adhering Pollen Grains.LinkIT
Guo J, Liu Y, Jia H, Chang H, Wu K
Environmental entomology, 2022

4.  Woody species composition and community types of Hangadi Watershed, Guji Zone, Ethiopia.LinkIT
Tamiru B, Soromessa T, Warkineh B, Legesse G, Belina M
BMC ecology and evolution, 2021

5.  Bioactivity of Meliaceae, Amaryllidaceae, Solanaceae and Amaranthaceae plant aqueous extracts against the cattle tick Rhipicephalus microplus.LinkIT
Luns DAR, Soares LS, Guedes NA, Martins IVF, Severi JA, Costa AV, Morais PAB, de Queiroz VT
Natural product research, 2021

6.  Phytochemical and proximate content of Carapa procera bark and its antimicrobial potential against selected pathogens.LinkIT
Owusu DA, Afedzi AEK, Quansah L
PloS one, 2021

7.  Insecticidal Triterpenes in Meliaceae: Plant Species, Molecules and Activities: Part ? (Aphanamixis-Chukrasia).LinkIT
Lin M, Yang S, Huang J, Zhou L
International journal of molecular sciences, 2021

8.  New hydroperoxycycloartane-complete chemical shifts assignment of 13C and 1H-and cytotoxicity evaluation of cycloartanes isolated from Trichilia casaretti.LinkIT
de Souza Passos M, Monteiro N, Kanashiro MM, Braz-Filho R, Vieira IJC
Natural product research, 2021

9.  Identification of a New Badnavirus in the Chinaberry (Melia azedarach) Tree and Establishment of a LAMP-LFD Assay for Its Rapid and Visual Detection.LinkIT
Lu H, Tang J, Sun K, Yu X
Viruses, 2021

10.  An Insight into the Dermatological Applications of Neem: A Review on Traditional and Modern Aspect.LinkIT
Singh V, Roy M, Garg N, Kumar A, Arora S, Malik DS
Recent advances in anti-infective drug discovery, 2021