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   Sula nebouxii (blue-footed booby) 

Broader Terms:
   Ciconiiformes (tube-nosed swimmers) 
   Sula (gannets) 
   Sulidae (gannets) 

More Specific:
   Sula nebouxii excisa 
   Sula nebouxii nebouxii 
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Common Names: blue-footed booby, Blaufußtölpel, Fou à pieds bleus, Camanay, アオアシカツオドリ, Bobo pata azul

1.  Mate selection based on labile traits affects short-term fitness in a long-lived seabird.LinkIT
González-Medina E, Castillo-Guerrero JA, Masero JA, Fernández G
Proceedings. Biological sciences, 2020

2.  High quality diet improves lipid metabolic profile and breeding performance in the blue-footed booby, a long-lived seabird.LinkIT
González-Medina E, Castillo-Guerrero JA, Herzka SZ, Fernández G
PloS one, 2018

3.  Experiencing El Niño conditions during early life reduces recruiting probabilities but not adult survival.LinkIT
Ancona S, Zúñiga-Vega JJ, Rodríguez C, Drummond H
Royal Society open science, 2018

4.  Lead, cadmium and mercury in the blood of the blue-footed booby (Sula nebouxii) from the coast of Sinaloa, Gulf of California, Mexico.LinkIT
Lerma M, Castillo-Guerrero JA, Ruelas-Inzunza J, Fernández G
Marine pollution bulletin, 2016

5.  Local and interannual variations in mercury and cadmium in eggs of eight seabird species of the Sinaloa coast, México.LinkIT
Ceyca JP, Castillo-Guerrero JA, García-Hernández J, Fernández G, Betancourt-Lozano M
Environmental toxicology and chemistry, 2016

6.  Female infidelity is constrained by El Niño conditions in a long-lived bird.LinkIT
Kiere LM, Drummond H
The Journal of animal ecology, 2016

7.  Lineage sorting in multihost parasites: Eidmanniella albescens and Fregatiella aurifasciata on seabirds from the Galapagos Islands.LinkIT
Rivera-Parra JL, Levin II, Johnson KP, Parker PG
Ecology and evolution, 2015

8.  Viability of Booby Offspring is Maximized by Having One Young Parent and One Old Parent.LinkIT
Drummond H, Rodríguez C
PloS one, 2015

9.  Comparative ectoparasite loads of five seabird species in the Galapagos Islands.LinkIT
Rivera-Parra JL, Levin II, Parker PG
The Journal of parasitology, 2014

10.  Enhanced male coloration after immune challenge increases reproductive potential.LinkIT
Velando A, Beamonte-Barrientos R, Torres R
Journal of evolutionary biology, 2014