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   Bacteria regnum 

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   Spirochaetes bacterium 
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41.  Distinct Characteristics of Bacterial Community in the Soil of Nanshazhou Island, South China Sea.LinkIT
Chen YG, Zhang ZH, Luo HW, Li Z, Zhang LJ, Huang H
Current microbiology, 2020

42.  Effect of fine coal gasification slag on improvement of bacterial diversity community during the pig manure composting.LinkIT
Liu T, Awasthi SK, Duan Y, Zhang Z, Awasthi MK
Bioresource technology, 2020

43.  Replacing fishmeal with plant protein in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) diets by supplementation with fish protein hydrolysate.LinkIT
Egerton S, Wan A, Murphy K, Collins F, Ahern G, Sugrue I, Busca K, Egan F, Muller N, Whooley J, McGinnity P, Culloty S, Ross RP, Stanton C
Scientific reports, 2020

44.  The equine gastrointestinal microbiome: impacts of weight-loss.LinkIT
Morrison PK, Newbold CJ, Jones E, Worgan HJ, Grove-White DH, Dugdale AH, Barfoot C, Harris PA, Argo CM
BMC veterinary research, 2020

45.  Neotropical termite microbiomes as sources of novel plant cell wall degrading enzymes.LinkIT
Romero Victorica M, Soria MA, Batista-García RA, Ceja-Navarro JA, Vikram S, Ortiz M, Ontañon O, Ghio S, Martínez-Ávila L, Quintero García OJ, Etcheverry C, Campos E, Cowan D, Arneodo J, Talia PM
Scientific reports, 2020

46.  Bacterial Populations in Subgingival Plaque Under Healthy and Diseased Conditions: Genomic Insights into Oral Adaptation Strategies by Lactobacillus sp. Strain DISK7.LinkIT
Urvashi, Sharma D, Sharma S, Pal V, Lal R, Patil P, Grover V, Korpole S
Indian journal of microbiology, 2020

47.  Fecal bacteria and metabolite responses to dietary lysozyme in a sow model from late gestation until lactation.LinkIT
Xu S, Shi J, Dong Y, Li Z, Wu X, Lin Y, Che L, Li J, Feng B, Fang Z, Zhuo Y, Wang J, Wu De, Ren Z, Shen Y
Scientific reports, 2020

48.  Effects of Hetiao Jianpi Decoction on Intestinal Injury and Repair in Rats with Antibiotic-Associated Diarrhea.LinkIT
Li X, Wu Y, Xu Z, Chen J, Li Y, Xing H, Zhang X, Yuan J
Medical science monitor : international medical journal of experimental and clinical research, 2020

49.  Phylogenomic analysis of 589 metagenome-assembled genomes encompassing all major prokaryotic lineages from the gut of higher termites.LinkIT
Hervé V, Liu P, Dietrich C, Sillam-Dussès D, Stiblik P, ?obotník J, Brune A
PeerJ, 2020

50.  Study of the Relationship between Microbiome and Colorectal Cancer Susceptibility Using 16SrRNA Sequencing.LinkIT
Liu W, Zhang R, Shu R, Yu J, Li H, Long H, Jin S, Li S, Hu Q, Yao F, Zhou C, Huang Q, Hu X, Chen M, Hu W, Wang Q, Fang S, Wu Q
BioMed research international, 2020