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   Bacteria regnum 

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   Spirochaetes bacterium 
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331.  The maximal C(3) self-complementary trinucleotide circular code X in genes of bacteria, eukaryotes, plasmids and viruses.LinkIT
Michel CJ
Journal of theoretical biology, 2015

332.  Pyrosequencing reveals shifts in the bacterial epimural community relative to dietary concentrate amount in goats.LinkIT
Wetzels SU, Mann E, Metzler-Zebeli BU, Wagner M, Klevenhusen F, Zebeli Q, Schmitz-Esser S
Journal of dairy science, 2015

333.  Pyrosequencing Analysis of Subgingival Microbiota in Distinct Periodontal Conditions.LinkIT
Park OJ, Yi H, Jeon JH, Kang SS, Koo KT, Kum KY, Chun J, Yun CH, Han SH
Journal of dental research, 2015

334.  Noteworthy Facts about a Methane-Producing Microbial Community Processing Acidic Effluent from Sugar Beet Molasses Fermentation.LinkIT
Chojnacka A, Szcz?sny P, B?aszczyk MK, Zielenkiewicz U, Detman A, Salamon A, Sikora A
PloS one, 2015

335.  Microbial community structure and functional diversity of nitrogen-fixing bacteria associated with Colophospermum mopane.LinkIT
Burbano CS, Grönemeyer JL, Hurek T, Reinhold-Hurek B
FEMS microbiology ecology, 2015

336.  Genomics of microbial plasmids: classification and identification based on replication and transfer systems and host taxonomy.LinkIT
Shintani M, Sanchez ZK, Kimbara K
Frontiers in microbiology, 2015

337.  Metagenomic analysis of the Rhinopithecus bieti fecal microbiome reveals a broad diversity of bacterial and glycoside hydrolase profiles related to lignocellulose degradation.LinkIT
Xu B, Xu W, Li J, Dai L, Xiong C, Tang X, Yang Y, Mu Y, Zhou J, Ding J, Wu Q, Huang Z
BMC genomics, 2015

338.  The oral and conjunctival microbiotas in cats with and without feline immunodeficiency virus infection.LinkIT
Weese SJ, Nichols J, Jalali M, Litster A
Veterinary research, 2015

339.  The Impact of Injections of Different Nutrients on the Bacterial Community and Its Dechlorination Activity in Chloroethene-Contaminated Groundwater.LinkIT
Miura T, Yamazoe A, Ito M, Ohji S, Hosoyama A, Takahata Y, Fujita N
Microbes and environments, 2015

340.  [Bacterial diversity in the mantle of Patinopecten yessoensis revealed by 454 pyrosequencing].LinkIT
Ding J, Dou Y, Xu GR, Wang YN, Chang YQ
Ying yong sheng tai xue bao = The journal of applied ecology, 2014