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   Bacteria regnum 

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   Spirochaetes bacterium 
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301.  In vitro susceptibility of contagious ovine digital dermatitis associated Treponema spp. isolates to antimicrobial agents in the UK.LinkIT
Angell JW, Clegg SR, Sullivan LE, Duncan JS, Grove-White DH, Carter SD, Evans NJ
Veterinary dermatology, 2015

302.  Borrelia yangtzensis sp. nov., a rodent-associated species in Asia, is related to Borrelia valaisiana.LinkIT
Margos G, Chu CY, Takano A, Jiang BG, Liu W, Kurtenbach K, Masuzawa T, Fingerle V, Cao WC, Kawabata H
International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology, 2015

303.  Linking lignocellulosic dietary patterns with gut microbial Enterotypes of Tsaitermes ampliceps and comparison with Mironasutitermes shangchengensis.LinkIT
Su LJ, Liu YQ, Liu H, Wang Y, Li Y, Lin HM, Wang FQ, Song AD
Genetics and molecular research : GMR, 2015

304.  Characterization of Bacterial Communities Associated with the Tyrian Purple Producing Gland in a Marine Gastropod.LinkIT
Ngangbam AK, Baten A, Waters DL, Whalan S, Benkendorff K
PloS one, 2015

305.  Pyrosequencing of the bacteria associated with Platygyra carnosus corals with skeletal growth anomalies reveals differences in bacterial community composition in apparently healthy and diseased tissues.LinkIT
Ng JC, Chan Y, Tun HM, Leung FC, Shin PK, Chiu JM
Frontiers in microbiology, 2015

306.  Profiling the Succession of Bacterial Communities throughout the Life Stages of a Higher Termite Nasutitermes arborum (Termitidae, Nasutitermitinae) Using 16S rRNA Gene Pyrosequencing.LinkIT
Diouf M, Roy V, Mora P, Frechault S, Lefebvre T, Hervé V, Rouland-Lefèvre C, Miambi E
PloS one, 2015

307.  Assessment of Bacterial Community Assembly Patterns and Processes in Pig Manure Slurry.LinkIT
Kumari P, Choi HL, Sudiarto SI
PloS one, 2015

308.  The core populations and co-occurrence patterns of prokaryotic communities in household biogas digesters.LinkIT
Rui J, Li J, Zhang S, Yan X, Wang Y, Li X
Biotechnology for biofuels, 2015

309.  Functional biomarkers for chronic periodontitis and insights into the roles of Prevotella nigrescens and Fusobacterium nucleatum; a metatranscriptome analysis.LinkIT
Szafra?ski SP, Deng ZL, Tomasch J, Jarek M, Bhuju S, Meisinger C, Kühnisch J, Sztajer H, Wagner-Döbler I
NPJ biofilms and microbiomes, 2015

310.  454 Pyrosequencing-based assessment of bacterial diversity and community structure in termite guts, mounds and surrounding soils.LinkIT
Makonde HM, Mwirichia R, Osiemo Z, Boga HI, Klenk HP
SpringerPlus, 2015