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   Bacteria regnum 

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   Spirochaetes bacterium 
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111.  Bioturbation of peanut worms Sipunculus nudus on the composition of prokaryotic communities in a tidal flat as revealed by 16S rRNA gene sequences.LinkIT
Li J, Hu R, Guo Y, Chen S, Xie X, Qin JG, Ma Z, Zhu C, Pei S
MicrobiologyOpen, 2019

112.  Identification of novel autoinducer-2 receptors in Clostridia reveals plasticity in the binding site of the LsrB receptor family.LinkIT
Torcato IM, Kasal MR, Brito PH, Miller ST, Xavier KB
The Journal of biological chemistry, 2019

113.  Comparison of the oral microbiome of patients with generalized aggressive periodontitis and periodontitis-free subjects.LinkIT
Schulz S, Porsch M, Grosse I, Hoffmann K, Schaller HG, Reichert S
Archives of oral biology, 2019

114.  Cultivable microbial community in 2-km-deep, 20-million-year-old subseafloor coalbeds through ~1000 days anaerobic bioreactor cultivation.LinkIT
Imachi H, Tasumi E, Takaki Y, Hoshino T, Schubotz F, Gan S, Tu TH, Saito Y, Yamanaka Y, Ijiri A, Matsui Y, Miyazaki M, Morono Y, Takai K, Hinrichs KU, Inagaki F
Scientific reports, 2019

115.  Phyloproteomic and functional analyses do not support a split in the genus Borrelia (phylum Spirochaetes).LinkIT
Estrada-Peña A, Cabezas-Cruz A
BMC evolutionary biology, 2019

116.  Discovery and Characterization of Cas9 Inhibitors Disseminated across Seven Bacterial Phyla.LinkIT
Uribe RV, van der Helm E, Misiakou MA, Lee SW, Kol S, Sommer MOA
Cell host & microbe, 2019

117.  Antimicrobial resistance in Brachyspira - An increasing problem for disease control.LinkIT
Hampson DJ, Lugsomya K, La T, Phillips ND, Trott DJ, Abraham S
Veterinary microbiology, 2019

118.  Rectal bleeding caused by a syphilitic inflammatory mass.LinkIT
Serigado J, Lewis E, Kim G
BMJ case reports, 2019

119.  Lactobacillus Dominate in the Intestine of Atlantic Salmon Fed Dietary Probiotics.LinkIT
Gupta S, Fe?kaninová A, Lokesh J, Ko??ová J, Sørensen M, Fernandes J, Kiron V
Frontiers in microbiology, 2018

120.  Microbiota variations in Culex nigripalpus disease vector mosquito of West Nile virus and Saint Louis Encephalitis from different geographic origins.LinkIT
Duguma D, Hall MW, Smartt CT, Debboun M, Neufeld JD
PeerJ, 2019