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   Spirochaete bacteria 
   Spirochaete buccalis 
   Spirochaete cohnii 
   Spirochaete denticola 
   Spirochaete dentium 
   Spirochaete ferruginea 
   Spirochaete gallinarum 
   Spirochaete hartmanni 
   Spirochaete kochii 
   Spirochaete obermeieri 
   Spirochaete pertenuis 
   Spirochaete pinnae 
   Spirochaete plicatilis 
   Spirochaete recurrentis 
   Spirochaete repacis 
   Spirochaete schroeteri 
   Spirochaete schroeterii 

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31.  Variations in Microbial Diversity and Metabolite Profiles of the Tropical Marine Sponge Xestospongia muta with Season and Depth.LinkIT
Villegas-Plazas M, Wos-Oxley ML, Sanchez JA, Pieper DH, Thomas OP, Junca H
Microbial ecology, 2019

32.  Vaccination of chickens with the 34?kDa carboxy-terminus of Bpmp72 reduces colonization with Brachyspira pilosicoli following experimental infection.LinkIT
La T, Phillips ND, Hampson DJ
Avian pathology : journal of the W.V.P.A, 2019

33.  An extracellular Leptospira interrogans leucine-rich repeat protein binds human E- and VE-cadherins.LinkIT
Eshghi A, Gaultney RA, England P, Brûlé S, Miras I, Sato H, Coburn J, Bellalou J, Moriarty TJ, Haouz A, Picardeau M
Cellular microbiology, 2019

34.  Microbiomes of the Enteropneust, Saccoglossus bromophenolosus, and Associated Marine Intertidal Sediments of Cod Cove, Maine.LinkIT
King GM
Frontiers in microbiology, 2018

35.  Lyme disease: diagnosis and management.LinkIT
Ross Russell AL, Dryden MS, Pinto AA, Lovett JK
Practical neurology, 2018

36.  Benefits of procyanidins on gut microbiota in Bama minipigs and implications in replacing antibiotics.LinkIT
Zhao T, Shen X, Dai C, Cui L
Journal of veterinary science, 2018

37.  Leptospirosis presenting as severe cardiogenic shock: A case report.LinkIT
Forbat E, Rouhani MJ, Pavitt C, Patel S, Handslip R, Ledot S
Journal of the Intensive Care Society, 2018

38.  Leptospirosis in pregnancy: A lesson in subtlety.LinkIT
Rahimi R, Omar E, Tuan Soh TS, Mohd Nawi SFA, Md Noor S
The Malaysian journal of pathology, 2018

39.  [Syphilis].LinkIT
Salado-Rasmussen K, Katzenstein TL, Larsen HK
Ugeskrift for laeger, 2018

40.  Isolation and Identification of Putative Protein Substrates of the AAA+ Molecular Chaperone ClpB from the Pathogenic Spirochaete Leptospira interrogans.LinkIT
Krajewska J, Arent Z, Zolkiewski M, K?dzierska-Mieszkowska S
International journal of molecular sciences, 2018