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   Spirochaete bacteria 
   Spirochaete buccalis 
   Spirochaete cohnii 
   Spirochaete denticola 
   Spirochaete dentium 
   Spirochaete ferruginea 
   Spirochaete gallinarum 
   Spirochaete hartmanni 
   Spirochaete kochii 
   Spirochaete obermeieri 
   Spirochaete pertenuis 
   Spirochaete pinnae 
   Spirochaete plicatilis 
   Spirochaete recurrentis 
   Spirochaete repacis 
   Spirochaete schroeteri 
   Spirochaete schroeterii 

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91.  Yaws.LinkIT
Marks M, Lebari D, Solomon AW, Higgins SP
International journal of STD & AIDS, 2015

92.  The Presence of Borrelia miyamotoi, A Relapsing Fever Spirochaete, in Questing Ixodes ricinus in Belgium and in The Netherlands.LinkIT
Cochez C, Heyman P, Heylen D, Fonville M, Hengeveld P, Takken W, Simons L, Sprong H
Zoonoses and public health, 2015

93.  Syphilis: antibiotic treatment and resistance.LinkIT
Stamm LV
Epidemiology and infection, 2015

94.  Morphological and biochemical features of Borrelia burgdorferi pleomorphic forms.LinkIT
Meriläinen L, Herranen A, Schwarzbach A, Gilbert L
Microbiology (Reading, England), 2015

95.  Absence of a set of plasmid-encoded genes is predictive of reduced pathogenic potential in Brachyspira hyodysenteriae.LinkIT
La T, Phillips ND, Thomson JR, Hampson DJ
Veterinary research, 2014

96.  Transcriptomics in the tropics: Total RNA-based profiling of Costa Rican bromeliad-associated communities.LinkIT
Goffredi SK, Jang GE, Haroon MF
Computational and structural biotechnology journal, 2015

97.  Leptospira mayottensis sp. nov., a pathogenic species of the genus Leptospira isolated from humans.LinkIT
Bourhy P, Collet L, Brisse S, Picardeau M
International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology, 2014

98.  Spirochaeta psychrophila sp. nov., a psychrophilic spirochaete isolated from subseafloor sediment, and emended description of the genus Spirochaeta.LinkIT
Miyazaki M, Sakai S, Yamanaka Y, Saito Y, Takai K, Imachi H
International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology, 2014

99.  Pleuromutilins: use in food-producing animals in the European Union, development of resistance and impact on human and animal health.LinkIT
van Duijkeren E, Greko C, Pringle M, Baptiste KE, Catry B, Jukes H, Moreno MA, Pomba MC, Pyörälä S, Rantala M, Ru?auskas M, Sanders P, Teale C, Threlfall EJ, Torren-Edo J, Törneke K
The Journal of antimicrobial chemotherapy, 2014

100.  VapC from the leptospiral VapBC toxin-antitoxin module displays ribonuclease activity on the initiator tRNA.LinkIT
Lopes AP, Lopes LM, Fraga TR, Chura-Chambi RM, Sanson AL, Cheng E, Nakajima E, Morganti L, Martins EA
PloS one, 2014