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   Spirochaeta aboriginalis 
   Spirochaeta acuminata 
   Spirochaeta acuta 
   Spirochaeta aeglefini 
   Spirochaeta aegyptica 
   Spirochaeta africana 
   Spirochaeta agilis 
   Spirochaeta alkalica 
   Spirochaeta ambigua 
   Spirochaeta americana 
   Spirochaeta amphibiae 
   Spirochaeta anatis 
   Spirochaeta anodontae 
   Spirochaeta anserina 
   Spirochaeta anthropopitheci 
   Spirochaeta argentinensis 
   Spirochaeta asiatica 
   Spirochaeta asthenoalgiae 
   Spirochaeta aurantia 
   Spirochaeta aurantia aurantia 
   Spirochaeta aurantia stricta 
   Spirochaeta autumnalis 
   Spirochaeta babylonensis 
   Spirochaeta bajacaliforniensis 
   Spirochaeta balanitidis 
   Spirochaeta balbianii 
   Spirochaeta berbera 
   Spirochaeta biflexa 
   Spirochaeta biliohemoglobinuriae 
   Spirochaeta bovis-caffris 
   Spirochaeta bronchialis 
   Spirochaeta buccalis 
   Spirochaeta buccalis crassa 
   Spirochaeta buccalis inaequalis 
   Spirochaeta buccalis tenuis 
   Spirochaeta bucco-pharyngei 
   Spirochaeta bufonis 
   Spirochaeta caesirae-retortiformis 
   Spirochaeta caesirae-septentrionalis 
   Spirochaeta caldaria 
   Spirochaeta calligyrum 
   Spirochaeta canina 
   Spirochaeta canis 
   Spirochaeta cardii-papillosi 
   Spirochaeta cardiopyrogenes 
   Spirochaeta carteri 
   Spirochaeta caucasica 
   Spirochaeta caviae 
   Spirochaeta chamae 
   Spirochaeta cobayae 
   Spirochaeta coccoides 
   Spirochaeta comandoni 
   Spirochaeta comandonii 
   Spirochaeta couvyi 
   Spirochaeta crocidurae 
   Spirochaeta ctenocephali 
   Spirochaeta cubensis 
   Spirochaeta culicis 
   Spirochaeta cuniculi 
   Spirochaeta cytophaga 
   Spirochaeta daxensis 
   Spirochaeta denticola 
   Spirochaeta dentinum 
   Spirochaeta dentium 
   Spirochaeta dipodilli 
   Spirochaeta dmitrovi 
   Spirochaeta dugesi 
   Spirochaeta duttini 
   Spirochaeta duttoni 
   Spirochaeta eberthi 
   Spirochaeta egyptica 
   Spirochaeta elusa 
   Spirochaeta enterogyrata 
   Spirochaeta equi 
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1.  The role of the "Thiodendron" consortium in postulating the karyomastigont chimaera of the endosymbiosis theory by Lynn Margulis.LinkIT
Grabovich MY, Gureeva MV, Dubinina GA
Bio Systems, 2021

2.  A newly discovered function of nitrate reductase in chemoautotrophic vanadate transformation by natural mackinawite in aquifer.LinkIT
He C, Zhang B, Lu J, Qiu R
Water research, 2021

3.  Sulfur-based Mixotrophic Vanadium (V) Bio-reduction towards Lower Organic Requirement and Sulfate Accumulation.LinkIT
Wang Z, Zhang B, He C, Shi J, Wu M, Guo J
Water research, 2021

4.  New thermostable endoglucanase from Spirochaeta thermophila and its mutants with altered substrate preferences.LinkIT
Hämäläinen V, Barajas-López JD, Berlina Y, Álvarez-Rafael R, Birikh K
Applied microbiology and biotechnology, 2021

5.  The Starlet Sea Anemone, Nematostella vectensis, possesses body region-specific bacterial associations with spirochetes dominating the capitulum.LinkIT
Bonacolta AM, Connelly MT, Rosales S, Del Campo J, Traylor-Knowles N
FEMS microbiology letters, 2021

6.  Prolyl isomerization controls activation kinetics of a cyclic nucleotide-gated ion channel.LinkIT
Schmidpeter PAM, Rheinberger J, Nimigean CM
Nature communications, 2020

7.  Description of Oceanispirochaeta crateris sp. nov. and reclassification of Spirochaeta perfilievii as Thiospirochaeta perfilievii gen. nov., comb. nov.LinkIT
Dubinina G, Leshcheva N, Mikheeva N, Spring S, Neumann-Schaal M, Shcherbakova V, Grabovich M
International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology, 2020

8.  Antibiotic and antibiotic-resistant gene loads in swine slurries and their digestates: Implications for their use as fertilizers in agriculture.LinkIT
Sanz C, Casado M, Navarro-Martin L, Tadi? ?, Parera J, Tugues J, Bayona JM, Piña B
Environmental research, 2020

9.  Bacterial diversity in aqueous/sludge phases within diesel fuel storage tanks.LinkIT
González-Benítez N, Bautista LF, Simarro R, Vargas C, Salmerón A, Murillo Y, Molina MC
World journal of microbiology & biotechnology, 2020

10.  Insight into the potential factors influencing the catalytic direction in cellobiose 2-epimerase by crystallization and mutagenesis.LinkIT
Feng Y, Hua X, Shen Q, Matthews M, Zhang Y, Fisher AJ, Lyu X, Yang R
Acta crystallographica. Section D, Structural biology, 2020