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   Spinipochira excavata 

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161.  Origins of a cyanobacterial 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase in plastid-lacking eukaryotes.LinkIT
Maruyama S, Misawa K, Iseki M, Watanabe M, Nozaki H
BMC evolutionary biology, 2008

162.  Twenty-five dyneins in Tetrahymena: A re-examination of the multidynein hypothesis.LinkIT
Wilkes DE, Watson HE, Mitchell DR, Asai DJ
Cell motility and the cytoskeleton, 2008

163.  Lateral transfer of the gene for a widely used marker, alpha-tubulin, indicated by a multi-protein study of the phylogenetic position of Andalucia (Excavata).LinkIT
Simpson AG, Perley TA, Lara E
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution, 2008

164.  Morphological stasis of protists in lower cretaceous amber.LinkIT
Martín-González A, Wierzchos J, Gutiérrez JC, Alonso J, Ascaso C
Protist, 2008

165.  Larval trematodes (Digenea) of planorbid snails (Gastropoda: Pulmonata) in Central Europe: a survey of species and key to their identification.LinkIT
Faltýnková A, Nasincová V, Kablásková L
Systematic parasitology, 2008

166.  Testing congruence in phylogenomic analysis.LinkIT
Leigh JW, Susko E, Baumgartner M, Roger AJ
Systematic biology, 2008

167.  Broadly sampled multigene trees of eukaryotes.LinkIT
Yoon HS, Grant J, Tekle YI, Wu M, Chaon BC, Cole JC, Logsdon JM, Patterson DJ, Bhattacharya D, Katz LA
BMC evolutionary biology, 2008

168.  A new cytotoxic carbazole alkaloid from Clausena excavata.LinkIT
Taufiq-Yap YH, Peh TH, Ee GC, Rahmani M, Sukari MA, Ali AM, Muse R
Natural product research, 2007

169.  Digenea species in chosen populations of freshwater snails in northern and central part of Poland.LinkIT
Zbikowska E
Wiadomosci parazytologiczne, 2007

170.  [Intestinal digeneans of birds (superfamily Diplostomoidea) of the masurian lakes].LinkIT
Sulgostowska T
Wiadomosci parazytologiczne, 2007