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   Spinipochira excavata 

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141.  A morphologically simple species of Acrasis (Heterolobosea, Excavata), Acrasis helenhemmesae n. sp.LinkIT
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The Journal of eukaryotic microbiology, 2010

142.  Evolution of the TSC1/TSC2-TOR signaling pathway.LinkIT
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143.  Kingdoms Protozoa and Chromista and the eozoan root of the eukaryotic tree.LinkIT
Cavalier-Smith T
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144.  Comparative sequence analysis of CP12, a small protein involved in the formation of a Calvin cycle complex in photosynthetic organisms.LinkIT
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145.  Reverse evolution: driving forces behind the loss of acquired photosynthetic traits.LinkIT
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146.  Eukaryotic diversity and phylogeny using small- and large-subunit ribosomal RNA genes from environmental samples.LinkIT
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147.  The evolutionary history of lysine biosynthesis pathways within eukaryotes.LinkIT
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148.  Anti-HBV and cytotoxic activities of pyranocoumarin derivatives.LinkIT
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Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry, 2009

149.  Cyanobacterial contribution to the genomes of the plastid-lacking protists.LinkIT
Maruyama S, Matsuzaki M, Misawa K, Nozaki H
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150.  [Arbuscular mycorrhizae in Paris polyphylla var. yunnanensis].LinkIT
Zhou N, Xia C, Jiang B, Bai Z, Liu G, Ma X
Zhongguo Zhong yao za zhi = Zhongguo zhongyao zazhi = China journal of Chinese materia medica, 2009