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   Bactrocera cacuminatus (Solanum fruit fly) 
   Phenacoccus solani (Solanum mealybug) 
   Solanum hindsianum (Blue Solanum Shrub) 
   Solanum torvum (prickly solanum) 

   Solanum (forest nightshade) 

Broader Terms:
   Lycopersicon (tomato) 
   Solanaceae (nightshade) 
   Solanum (forest nightshade) 

More Specific:
   Bassovia calceolarioides 
   Bassovia ciliata 
   Bassovia fendleri 
   Bassovia ferruginea 
   Bassovia foliosa 
   Bassovia inaequilatera 
   Bassovia lucida 
   Bassovia mexicana 
   Bassovia minutiflora 
   Bassovia phytolaccoides 
   Bassovia setosa 
   Bassovia stellata 
   Bassovia tomentosa 
   Lycopersicon (tomato) 
   Solanum (forest nightshade) 
   Solanum abancayense 
   Solanum abbottianum 
   Solanum abbottii 
   Solanum aberrans 
   Solanum abitaguense 
   Solanum abollatum 
   Solanum abortivum 
   Solanum abutifolium 
   Solanum abutilifolium 
   Solanum abutiloides 
   Solanum abutioloides 
   Solanum abyssinicum 
   Solanum acanthifolium 
   Solanum acanthocalyx 
   Solanum acanthocarpum 
   Solanum acanthodapis 
   Solanum acanthodes 
   Solanum acanthoideum 
   Solanum acaule 
   Solanum acaule acaule 
   Solanum acaule aemulans 
   Solanum acaule albicans 
   Solanum acaule caulescens 
   Solanum acaule checcae 
   Solanum acaule incuyo 
   Solanum acaule palmirense 
   Solanum acaule punae 
   Solanum acaule stenotomum 
   Solanum acaule subexinterruptum 
   Solanum acayucense 
   Solanum accedens 
   Solanum accrescens 
   Solanum acerifolium 
   Solanum acerosum 
   Solanum acerosum nigricans 
   Solanum acetosaefolium 
   Solanum achacachense 
   Solanum aciculare 
   Solanum acidochondrum 
   Solanum acroglossum 
   Solanum acroleucum 
   Solanum acropterum 
   Solanum acroscopicum 
   Solanum actaeabotrys 
   Solanum actaeibotrys 
   Solanum actephilum 
   Solanum actinocalyx 
   Solanum aculeastissimum 
   Solanum aculeastrum (sodaapple nightshade) 
   Solanum aculeastrum aculeastrum 
   Solanum aculeastrum albifolium 
   Solanum aculeastrum conraui 
   Solanum aculeastrum exarmatum 
   Solanum aculeatissimum (cockroach berry) 
   Solanum aculeatissimum denudatum 
   Solanum aculeatissimum hispidissimum 
   Solanum aculeatum 
   Solanum aculeatum fuertesii 
   Solanum aculeatum luxurians 
   Solanum aculeatum typicum 
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Solanum ptychanthum

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Common Names: tupurupuru, hareto, houto, nightshade, horeto, poroporo, poporo

1.  Endophytic Bacteria from the Sahara Desert Protect Tomato Plants Against Botrytis cinerea Under Different Experimental Conditions.LinkIT
Oukala N, Pastor-Fernández J, Sanmartín N, Aissat K, Pastor V
Current microbiology, 2021

2.  Tolerance of tomato to cadmium-induced stress: analyzing cultivars with different fruit colors.LinkIT
Alcantara BK, Carvalho MEA, Gaziola SA, Borges KLR, Piotto FA, Jacomino AP, Azevedo RA
Environmental science and pollution research international, 2021

3.  VvHDZ28 positively regulate SA biosynthesis during seed abortion in Thompson Seedless.LinkIT
Li Z, Jiao Y, Zhang C, Dou M, Weng K, Wang Y, Xu Y
Plant biotechnology journal, 2021

4.  Occurrence, characteristics and PCR-based detection of Pectobacterium polaris causing soft rot of Chinese cabbage in China.LinkIT
Chen C, Li X, Bo Z, Du W, Fu L, Tian Y, Cui S, Shi Y, Xie H
Plant disease, 2021

5.  Effects of S,S-ethylenediamine disuccinic acid on the phytoextraction efficiency of Solanum nigrum L. and soil quality in Cd-contaminated alkaline wheat soil.LinkIT
Wang Y, Xu Y, Qin X, Zhao L, Huang Q, Liang X
Environmental science and pollution research international, 2021

6.  Moniliophthora perniciosa, the causal agent of witches' broom disease of cacao, interferes with cytokinin metabolism during infection of Micro-Tom tomato and promotes symptom development.LinkIT
Costa JL, Paschoal D, da Silva EM, Silva JS, do Carmo RM, Carrera E, López-Díaz I, Rossi ML, Freschi L, Mieczkowski P, Peres LEP, Teixeira PJPL, Figueira A
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7.  First Report of Curly Top of Coriandrum sativum Caused by Beet curly top virus in the Columbia Basin of Washington State.LinkIT
Swisher Grimm KD, Crosslin J, Cooper R, Frost K, du Toit LJ, Wohleb CH
Plant disease, 2021

8.  Sensing stress responses in potato with whole-plant redox imaging.LinkIT
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9.  Complete chloroplast genome sequence of the wild diploid potato relative, Solanum acaule.LinkIT
Park TH
Mitochondrial DNA. Part B, Resources, 2021

10.  Deep Conservation of cis-Element Variants Regulating Plant Hormonal Responses.LinkIT
Lieberman-Lazarovich M, Yahav C, Israeli A, Efroni I
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