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Broader Terms:
   Aleyrodidae (whiteflies) 

More Specific:
   Siphoninus blanzyi 
   Siphoninus finitimus 
   Siphoninus granati 
   Siphoninus gruveli 
   Siphoninus immaculatus 
   Siphoninus phillyreae 
   Siphoninus phillyreae multitubulatus 
   Siphoninus phyllireae 
   Siphoninus phyllyreae 
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1.  Diversity and Phylogenetic Analyses of Bacterial Symbionts in Three Whitefly Species from Southeast Europe.LinkIT
Skaljac M, Kanakala S, Zanic K, Puizina J, Pleic IL, Ghanim M
Insects, 2017

2.  Diversity and localization of bacterial symbionts in three whitefly species (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae) from the east coast of the Adriatic Sea.LinkIT
Skaljac M, Zani? K, Hrn?i? S, Radonji? S, Perovi? T, Ghanim M
Bulletin of entomological research, 2013

3.  Biology and feeding behaviour of ladybird, Clitostethus arcuatus, the predator of the ash whitefly, Siphoninus phillyreae, in Fars Province, Iran.LinkIT
Tavadjoh Z, Hamzehzarghani H, Alemansoor H, Khalghani J, Vikram A
Journal of insect science (Online), 2010

4.  Congruent evolution between whiteflies (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae) and their bacterial endosymbionts based on respective 18S and 16S rDNAs.LinkIT
Campbell BC
Current microbiology, 1993