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   Perca cabrilla 
   Serranus cabrilla (Gaper) 

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   Perciformes (perch-like fishes) 
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Serranus cabrilla

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Did you mean: Serran cabrilla or Serran cabrille?

Common Names: Gaper, Garoupa do alto, cabrilla, Serrano, Perca, Garrupa, Abborrkilling, Bar, Kamennyi okun', Sciarrano, Garoupa, Kabryl, Asil hani, Kanjec, Comber, Kerr i thellesise, Chanos, Têtard, Cabra, Alecrim, Bar d' Amerique, Kammer, Kanjac, Learned rockfich, Perchia ....

1.  Genomic Sequence of a New Alphavirus Detected in Comber (Serranus cabrilla).LinkIT
Zamperin G, Milani A, Gastaldelli M, Quartesan R, Fortin A, Cappellozza E, Patarnello P, Toffan A
Microbiology resource announcements, 2020

2.  First description of the male and subgravid female of Philometra serranellicabrillae Janiszewska, 1949 (Nematoda: Philometridae), a gonad-infecting parasite of the comber Serranus cabrilla (Linnaeus) (Serranidae) off Tunisia.LinkIT
Ghanmi N, González-Solís D, Gargouri L
Systematic parasitology, 2019

3.  Kudoa sp. (Myxozoa, Multivalvulida): first report in five commercial fish species from the Canary Islands-FAO 34 (Macaronesia-Spain).LinkIT
Rodríguez-Ponce E, Betancor E, Steinhagen D, Ramírez AS, Ventura MR, de Felipe MC, Pestano J
Parasitology research, 2019

Kassem HH, Bowashi SM
Journal of the Egyptian Society of Parasitology, 2015

5.  Alteration of potential harmful elements levels in sediments and biota from the central Mediterranean Sea (Aeolian Archipelago) following an episode of intense volcanic activity.LinkIT
Andaloro F, Romeo T, Renzi M, Guerranti C, Perra G, Consoli P, Perzia P, Focardi SE
Environmental monitoring and assessment, 2012

6.  Matching genetics with oceanography: directional gene flow in a Mediterranean fish species.LinkIT
Schunter C, Carreras-Carbonell J, Macpherson E, Tintoré J, Vidal-Vijande E, Pascual A, Guidetti P, Pascual M
Molecular ecology, 2011

7.  Metacercariae of Galactosomum lacteum (Jägerskiöld, 1896) Looss, 1899 (Heterophyidae) from marine teleosts in the Gulf of Cagliari (southern Sardinia, Italy).LinkIT
Culurgioni J, D'Amico V, Figus V
Journal of helminthology, 2007

8.  Revision of Allobenedenia Yamaguti, 1963 (Monogenoidea: Capsalidae) with the description of A. zhangi n. sp. from Epinephelus fasciatus (Teleostei: Serranidae) in the South China Sea.LinkIT
Tingbao Y, Kritsky DC, Yuan S
Systematic parasitology, 2004

9.  Immunohistochemical localization of S100-like protein in non-mammalian kidney.LinkIT
De Girolamo P, Arcamone N, Pelagalli GV, Gargiulo G
Microscopy research and technique, 2003

10.  Muscle power output limits fast-start performance in fish.LinkIT
Wakeling JM, Johnston IA
The Journal of experimental biology, 1998