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   Selene (moonfishes) 

Broader Terms:
   Carangidae (jacks) 
   Selene (moonfishes) 

More Specific:
   Selene argentea 
   Selene brevoorti (Mexican lookdown) 
   Selene brevoortii (Mexican lookdown) 
   Selene browni 
   Selene brownii (Full moonfish) 
   Selene declivifrons 
   Selene dorsalis (Ngugba) 
   Selene gallus 
   Selene gibbiceps 
   Selene goreensis 
   Selene oerstedi 
   Selene oerstedii (Mexican moonfish) 
   Selene orstedii (Moonfish) 
   Selene peruviana (palometa) 
   Selene peruvianus 
   Selene puruvianus 
   Selene quadrangularis 
   Selene setapinnis (Moonshine) 
   Selene setipinnis 
   Selene spixi 
   Selene spixii 
   Selene vomer (lookdown) 
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Did you mean: Seelen, Selen, Selenaeus, Selenia, Selenis or SťlŤna?

Common Names: moonfishes

1.  Current state-of-the-art in the use of plants for the production of recombinant vaccines against infectious bursal disease virus.LinkIT
Rage E, Marusic C, Lico C, Baschieri S, Donini M
Applied microbiology and biotechnology, 2020

2.  An Efficient Procedure for Synthesis of 21-Acetoxypregna-1,4,9(11),16-tetraene-3,20-dione.LinkIT
Huy LD, Diep NT, Vu TK, Savinova TS, Donova MV
Combinatorial chemistry & high throughput screening, 2020

3.  Re-evaluation of Amphidiniopsis (Dinophyceae) Morphogroups Based On Phylogenetic Relationships, and Description of Three New Sand-dwelling Species From the NW Mediterranean.LinkIT
Re√Ī√© A, Satta CT, L√≥pez-Garc√≠a P, Hoppenrath M
Journal of phycology, 2020

4.  Complete genome analysis and time scale evolution of very virulent infectious bursal disease viruses isolated from recent outbreaks in Morocco.LinkIT
Drissi Touzani C, Fellahi S, Fassi Fihri O, Gaboun F, Khayi S, Mentag R, Lico C, Baschieri S, El Houadfi M, Ducatez M
Infection, genetics and evolution : journal of molecular epidemiology and evolutionary genetics in infectious diseases, 2020

5.  Eye dominance modulates visuospatial attention.LinkIT
Schintu S, Chaumillon R, Guillaume A, Salemme R, Reilly KT, Pisella L, Farnè A
Neuropsychologia, 2019

6.  Pilot study: Evaluation of potential drug-drug interactions in hospitalized pediatric patients.LinkIT
Medina-Barajas F, V√°zquez-M√©ndez E, P√©rez-Guerrero EE, S√°nchez-L√≥pez VA, Hern√°ndez-Ca√Īaveral II, Gabriel A RO, Huerta-Olvera SG
Pediatrics and neonatology, 2019

7.  Volcanic history in the Smythii basin based on SELENE radar observation.LinkIT
Ishiyama K, Kumamoto A
Scientific reports, 2019

8.  [Rate of episiotomy in the University Clinical Hospital of Arrixaca and factors that influence in its practice.]LinkIT
Garc√≠a-Lorca AI, Vigueras-M√°rtinez ML√Ā, Ballesteros-Meseguer C, Fern√°ndez-Alarc√≥n MLM, Carrillo-Garc√≠a C, Mart√≠nez-Roche ME
Revista espanola de salud publica, 2019

9.  A review of the Barsine hypoprepioides (Walker, 1862) species-group, with descriptions of fifteen new species and a new subspecies (Lepidoptera, Erebidae, Arctiinae).LinkIT
Volynkin AV, ?ern√Ĺ K, Huang SY
Zootaxa, 2019

10.  The RNA-seq approach to discriminate gene expression profiles in response to Beauveria bassiana and Micrococcus luteus microbial pathogens on Actias selene (Lepidoptera: Saturniidae).LinkIT
Liang D, Wang P, Wu L, Jiang X, Wei G, Zhu B, Wang L, Zhang H, Toufeeq S, Qian C, Liu C
Zootaxa, 2019