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   Alectis indicus (Indian threadfin) 
   Scyris indicus 

Broader Terms:
   Alectis (cockfishes) 
   Perciformes (perch-like fishes) 
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Alectis Rafinesque, 1815 - WoRMS latest taxa marked as checked

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Common Names: Carangue Èchevelée, Alektys indyjski, pampano, Indian threadfish, Kolekole, threadfish, Damis lawin, Indian threadfin, Ebek, Talakitok, Cupak, Bambo, Ga-hum, Apahan, Dhareerow, Carangue à plumes, Fafi, Diamond fish, Ampahan, Indiese spieëlvis, Damis, Indian mirrorfish, horse mackerel, Cermin, Carangue folle ....

51.  Effects of nutrient restriction on the metabolic profile of Bos indicus-influenced and B. taurus suckled beef cows.LinkIT
Fontes PLP, Oosthuizen N, Ciriaco FM, Sanford CD, Canal LB, Cooke RF, Pohler KG, Henry DD, Mercadante VRG, Ealy AD, Johnson SE, DiLorenzo N, Lamb GC
Animal : an international journal of animal bioscience, 2021

52.  Differences in milk metabolites in Malnad Gidda (Bos indicus) cows reared under pasture-based feeding system.LinkIT
Ashokan M, Ramesha KP, Hallur S, Karthikkeyan G, Rana E, Azharuddin N, Raj SR, Jeyakumar S, Kumaresan A, Kataktalware MA, Das DN, Keshava Prasad TS
Scientific reports, 2021

53.  Comparative miRNA signatures among Sahiwal and Frieswal cattle breeds during summer stress.LinkIT
Deb R, Sengar GS
3 Biotech, 2021

54.  The use of live yeast to increase intake and performance of cattle receiving low-quality tropical forages.LinkIT
Parra MC, Costa DFA, Palma ASV, Camargo KDV, Lima LO, Harper KJ, Meale SJ, Silva LFP
Journal of animal science, 2021

55.  Molecular characterization of coat color gene in Sahiwal versus Karan Fries bovine.LinkIT
Goud TS, Upadhyay RC, Pichili VBR, Onteru SK, Chadipiralla K
Journal, genetic engineering & biotechnology, 2021

56.  Evidence of cooperative calves' care and providers' characteristics in zebu cattle (Bos indicus) raised under extensive conditions.LinkIT
Orihuela A, Pérez-Torres LI, Ungerfeld R
Tropical animal health and production, 2021

57.  Author Correction: Whole-genome sequencing provides new insights into genetic mechanisms of tropical adaptation in Nellore (Bos primigenius indicus).LinkIT
Fernandes Júnior GA, de Oliveira HN, Carvalheiro R, Cardoso DF, Fonseca LFS, Ventura RV, de Albuquerque LG
Scientific reports, 2021

58.  Molecular characterization of stress tolerance genes associated with D. indicus strain under extreme environment conditions.LinkIT
Dhanapal AR, Venkidasamy B, Solai Ramatchandirane P
Environmental geochemistry and health, 2021

59.  Comparison of water-use characteristics of tropical tree saplings with implications for forest restoration.LinkIT
Andriyas T, Leksungnoen N, Tor-Ngern P
Scientific reports, 2021

60.  Vertigoheel induced psychosis: A patient case report.LinkIT
O'Connell M, Hunt E, VandenBerg A
The mental health clinician, 2021