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   Alectis indicus (Plumed trevally) 
   Scyris indicus 

Broader Terms:
   Alectis (cockfishes) 
   Perciformes (perch-likes) 
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Alectis Rafinesque, 1815 - WoRMS latest taxa marked as checked

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Common Names: Indiese spieëlvis, Dhareerow, Damis lawin, Kolekole, Ga-hum, Alektys indyjski, Fafi, threadfish, Carangue folle, Diamond fish, pampano, horse mackerel, Bambo, Ampahan, Talakitok, Carangue Èchevelée, Ebek, Indian threadfish, Carangue à plumes, Apahan, Cermin, Indian mirrorfish, Damis, Indian threadfin, Cupak ....

11.  Coexistence and characterization of Tet(X5) and NDM-3 in the MDR-Acinetobacter indicus of duck origin.LinkIT
Tang B, Yang H, Jia X, Feng Y
Microbial pathogenesis, 2020

12.  Transcription Factors ZEB1 and CREB Promote the Transcription of Bovine ABHD5 Gene.LinkIT
Wang X, Li A, Raza SHA, Liang C, Zhang S, Mei C, Yang W, Zan L
DNA and cell biology, 2020

13.  Complete genome sequence of Janibaecter indicus YB324 from an Atlantic marine sediment.LinkIT
Pei S, Xie F, Zhang R, Zhang G
Marine genomics, 2020

14.  Shorebirds wintering in Southeast Asia demonstrate trans-Himalayan flights.LinkIT
Li D, Davison G, Lisovski S, Battley PF, Ma Z, Yang S, How CB, Watkins D, Round P, Yee A, Srinivasan V, Teo C, Teo R, Loo A, Leong CC, Er K
Scientific reports, 2020

15.  The patterns of admixture, divergence, and ancestry of African cattle populations determined from genome-wide SNP data.LinkIT
Gebrehiwot NZ, Strucken EM, Aliloo H, Marshall K, Gibson JP
BMC genomics, 2020

16.  Repression of Polyol Pathway Activity by Hemidesmus indicus var. pubescens R.Br. Linn Root Extract, an Aldose Reductase Inhibitor: An In Silico and Ex Vivo Study.LinkIT
Haroon HB, Perumalsamy V, Nair G, Anand DK, Kolli R, Monichen J, Prabha K
Natural products and bioprospecting, 2020

17.  Evidence of Marine Microplastics in Commercially Harvested Seafood.LinkIT
Curren E, Leaw CP, Lim PT, Leong SCY
Frontiers in bioengineering and biotechnology, 2020

18.  Reproductive parameters of Bos taurus and Bos indicus bulls during different seasons in tropical conditions: focus on an alternative approach to testicular assessments using ultrasonography.LinkIT
Leite RF, de Agostini Losano JD, de Souza Ramos Angrimani D, Sousa RGB, de Miranda Alves Á, Cavallin MD, Kawai GKV, Cortada CNM, Zuge RM, Nichi M
Animal reproduction science, 2020

19.  Expression pattern of bta-mir-2898 miRNA and their correlation with heat shock proteins during summer heat stress among native vs crossbred cattle.LinkIT
Deb R, Sengar GS
Journal of thermal biology, 2020

20.  Two remarkable new species of oribatid mites (Acari: Oribatida) from Acacia litter of Kerala, India.LinkIT
Arun A, Ramani N
Zootaxa, 2020