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1.  Succession of Microbial Decomposers Is Determined by Litter Type, but Site Conditions Drive Decomposition Rates.LinkIT
Buresova A, Kopecky J, Hrdinkova V, Kamenik Z, Omelka M, Sagova-Mareckova M
Applied and environmental microbiology, 2019

2.  Effect of tannin-containing hays on enteric methane emissions and nitrogen partitioning in beef cattle1.LinkIT
Stewart EK, Beauchemin KA, Dai X, MacAdam JW, Christensen RG, Villalba JJ
Journal of animal science, 2019

3.  Identification, Characterization, Pathogenicity, and Distribution of Verticillium alfalfae in Alfalfa Plants in China.LinkIT
Xu S, Christensen MJ, Creamer R, Li YZ
Plant disease, 2019

4.  Effects of Winter Cover Crops on Rice Pests, Natural Enemies, and Grain Yield in a Rice Rotation System.LinkIT
Luo M, Wang Z, Yang B, Zheng L, Yao Z, Ahmet Seyrek U, Chung H, Wei H
Journal of insect science (Online), 2019

5.  Development and application of EST-SSRs markers for analysis of genetic diversity in erect milkvetch (Astragalus adsurgens Pall.).LinkIT
Gong W, Ma L, Gong P, Liu X, Wang Z, Zhao G
Molecular biology reports, 2019

6.  Phytoextraction of rhenium by lucerne (Medicago sativa) and erect milkvetch (Astragalus adsurgens) from alkaline soils amended with coal fly ash.LinkIT
He H, Dong Z, Pang J, Wu GL, Zheng J, Zhang X
The Science of the total environment, 2018

7.  Arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi increased the susceptibility of Astragalus adsurgens to powdery mildew caused by Erysiphe pisi.LinkIT
Liu Y, Feng X, Gao P, Li Y, Christensen MJ, Duan T
Mycology, 2018

8.  Species boundaries in the Astragalus cusickii complex delimited using molecular phylogenetic techniques.LinkIT
Zimmers JC, Thomas M, Yang L, Bombarely A, Mancuso MM, Wojciechowski MF, Smith JF
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution, 2017

9.  A Simple and Fast Procedure to Determine 3-Nitropropanoic Acid and 3-Nitropropanol in Freeze Dried Canadian Milkvetch (Astragalus canadensis).LinkIT
Liu H, Shao S, Schellenberg M
Toxins, 2017

10.  Molecular Tracing of the Origin of Six Different Plant Species in Bee Honey Using Real-Time PCR.LinkIT
Wu Y, Yang Y, Liu M, Wang B, Li M, Chen Y
Journal of AOAC International, 2017