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Broader Terms:
   Diapsida (Diapsid) 
   Reptilia (reptiles) 
   Squamata (lizards) 

More Specific:
   Agamidae (agamid lizards) 
   Amphisbaenidae (tropical worm lizards) 
   Anguidae (anguids) 
   Archosauria (Archosaur) 
   Chamaeleonidae (chameleons) 
   Cordylidae (girdle-tailed lizards) 
   Corytophanidae (helmet lizards) 
   Crotaphytidae (collared lizards) 
   Dibamidae (Blind Lizards) 
   Gekkonidae (Geckoes) 
   Gymnophthalmidae (Spectacled Tegus) 
   Helodermatidae (Gila Monsters) 
   Iguanidae (American arboreal lizards) 
   Lacertidae (Old World runners) 
   Lanthanotidae (Earless Monitor Lizard) 
   Phrynosomatidae (North American spiny lizards and allies) 
   Polychrotidae (anoloid lizards) 
   Pygopodidae (flap-footed lizards) 
   Sauria akkolia 
   Scincidae (skinks) 
   Teiidae (Tegus) 
   Trogonophidae (Palearctic worm lizards) 
   Tropiduridae (Tropidurid lizards) 
   Varanidae (monitor lizards) 
   Xantusiidae (night lizards) 
   Xenosauridae (Knob-scaled Lizards) 
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Common Names: Liskot, Kurtenkeleler, diapsids, Lagartos, Jaszczurki, Madfall, Echsen, Øgle, lizards, Saurios, Ödlor, Lucertola, lézards, Ящерицы, Hagedissen

1.  The features of polyglutamine regions depend on their evolutionary stability.LinkIT
Mier P, Andrade-Navarro MA
BMC evolutionary biology, 2020

2.  A new species of Acroeimeria Paperna & Landsberg, 1989 (Apicomplexa: Eimeriidae) in Wiegmann's torquate lizard Sceloporus torquatus torquatus Weigmann (Sauria: Phrynosomatidae) from Toluca Valley, México.LinkIT
McAllister CT, Ruiz-Gomez ML, Carrasco-Román E, Salgado-Miranda C, Soriano-Vargas E
Systematic parasitology, 2020

3.  A taxonomic revision of the south-eastern dragon lizards of the Smaug warreni (Boulenger) species complex in southern Africa, with the description of a new species (Squamata: Cordylidae).LinkIT
Bates MF, Stanley EL
PeerJ, 2020

4.  Morphological and ecological divergence in two populations of European glass lizard, Pseudopus apodus (Squamata: Anguidae).LinkIT
Glava? OJ, Po?ani? P, Lovri? V, Dere?anin L, Tadi? Z, Lisi?i? D
Zoological research, 2020

5.  An integrative view of the regulatory and transcriptional landscapes in mouse hematopoiesis.LinkIT
Xiang G, Keller CA, Heuston E, Giardine BM, An L, Wixom AQ, Miller A, Cockburn A, Sauria MEG, Weaver K, Lichtenberg J, Göttgens B, Li Q, Bodine D, Mahony S, Taylor J, Blobel GA, Weiss MJ, Cheng Y, Yue F, Hughes J, Higgs DR, Zhang Y, Hardison RC
Genome research, 2020

6.  Chromosomal mapping of repetitive sequences in Hyphessobrycon eques (Characiformes, Characidae): a special case of the spreading of 5S rDNA clusters in a genome.LinkIT
Piscor D, Paiz LM, Baumgärtner L, Cerqueira FJ, Fernandes CA, Lui RL, Parise-Maltempi PP, Margarido VP
Genetica, 2020

7.  A new species of the genus Gonatodes (Squamata: Sauria: Sphaerodactylidae) from the western flank of the Cordillera Oriental in Colombia, with description of its hemipenial morphology.LinkIT
Meneses-Pelayo E, Ramírez JP
Zootaxa, 2020

8.  Gain and loss events in the evolution of the apolipoprotein family in vertebrata.LinkIT
Liu JQ, Li WX, Zheng JJ, Tian QN, Huang JF, Dai SX
BMC evolutionary biology, 2019

9.  A global catalog of primary reptile type specimens.LinkIT
Uetz P, Cherikh S, Shea G, Ineich I, Campbell PD, Doronin IV, Rosado J, Wynn A, Tighe KA, McDiarmid R, Lee JL, Köhler G, Ellis R, Doughty P, Raxworthy CJ, Scheinberg L, Resetar A, Sabaj M, Schneider G, Franzen M, Glaw F, Böhme W, Schweiger S, Gemel R, Couper P, Amey A, Dondorp E, Ofer G, Meiri S, Wallach V
Zootaxa, 2019

10.  Systematics of reptile-associated scale mites of the genus Pterygosoma (Acariformes: Pterygosomatidae) derived from external morphology.LinkIT
Fajfer M
Zootaxa, 2019