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   Saccamoeba admirata 
   Saccamoeba gongorina 
   Saccamoeba gorgonia 
   Saccamoeba limax 
   Saccamoeba limna 
   Saccamoeba lucens 
   Saccamoeba marina 
   Saccamoeba renacuajo 
   Saccamoeba stagnicola 
   Saccamoeba wakulla 
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Saccamoeba lacustris, sp. nov. (Amoebozoa: Lobosea: Hartmannellidae), a new... - PubMed: "nov"

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1.  Solving an old enigma: Morellospora saccamoebae gen. nov., sp. nov. (Rozellomycota), a Sphaerita-like parasite of free-living amoebae.LinkIT
Corsaro D, Walochnik J, Venditti D, Hauröder B, Michel R
Parasitology research, 2020

2.  Phylogeny and taxonomy of new and re-examined strains of Tubulinea (Amoebozoa).LinkIT
Tyml T, Dyková I
European journal of protistology, 2017

3.  Occurrence and molecular characterization of free-living amoeba species (Acanthamoeba, Hartmannella, and Saccamoeba limax) in various surface water resources of Iran.LinkIT
Mahmoudi MR, Rahmati B, Seyedpour SH, Karanis P
Parasitology research, 2015

4.  Distribution of free-living amoebae in a treatment system of textile industrial wastewater.LinkIT
Ramirez E, Robles E, Martinez B, Ayala R, Sainz G, Martinez ME, Gonzalez ME
Experimental parasitology, 2014

5.  Ptolemeba n. gen., a novel genus of hartmannellid amoebae (Tubulinea, Amoebozoa); with an emphasis on the taxonomy of Saccamoeba.LinkIT
Watson PM, Sorrell SC, Brown MW
The Journal of eukaryotic microbiology, 2015

6.  "Candidatus Mesochlamydia elodeae" (Chlamydiae: Parachlamydiaceae), a novel chlamydia parasite of free-living amoebae.LinkIT
Corsaro D, Müller KD, Wingender J, Michel R
Parasitology research, 2013

7.  Saccamoeba lacustris, sp. nov. (Amoebozoa: Lobosea: Hartmannellidae), a new lobose amoeba, parasitized by the novel chlamydia 'Candidatus Metachlamydia lacustris' (Chlamydiae: Parachlamydiaceae).LinkIT
Corsaro D, Michel R, Walochnik J, Müller KD, Greub G
European journal of protistology, 2010

8.  SSU rRNA-based phylogenetic position of the genera Amoeba and Chaos (Lobosea, Gymnamoebia): the origin of gymnamoebae revisited.LinkIT
Bolivar I, Fahrni JF, Smirnov A, Pawlowski J
Molecular biology and evolution, 2001

9.  Development of 18S rRNA-targeted oligonucleotide probes for specific detection of Hartmannella and Naegleria in Legionella-positive environmental samples.LinkIT
Grimm D, Ludwig WF, Brandt BC, Michel R, Schleifer KH, Hacker J, Steinert M
Systematic and applied microbiology, 2001

10.  Comparison of free-living amoebae in hot water systems of hospitals with isolates from moist sanitary areas by identifying genera and determining temperature tolerance.LinkIT
Rohr U, Weber S, Michel R, Selenka F, Wilhelm M
Applied and environmental microbiology, 1998