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Hydnangium carneum
Robert Cobain - Northern Ireland Fungus Group

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1.  Molecular evidence supports simultaneous association of the achlorophyllous orchid Chamaegastrodia inverta with ectomycorrhizal Ceratobasidiaceae and Russulaceae.LinkIT
Pecoraro L, Wang X, Venturella G, Gao W, Wen T, Gafforov Y, Gupta VK
BMC microbiology, 2020

2.  Virus population structure in the ectomycorrhizal fungi Lactarius rufus and L. tabidus at two forest sites in Southern Finland.LinkIT
Sutela S, Vainio EJ
Virus research, 2020

3.  Pioneer trees of Betula pendula at a red gypsum landfill harbour specific structure and composition of root-associated microbial communities.LinkIT
Álvarez-López V, Zappelini C, Durand A, Chalot M
The Science of the total environment, 2020

4.  Genomic and transcriptomic survey of an endophytic fungus Calcarisporium arbuscula NRRL 3705 and potential overview of its secondary metabolites.LinkIT
Cheng JT, Cao F, Chen XA, Li YQ, Mao XM
BMC genomics, 2020

5.  Wild edible mushrooms from Mediterranean region: Metal concentrations and health risk assessment.LinkIT
Sarikurkcu C, Popovi?-Djordjevi? J, Solak MH
Ecotoxicology and environmental safety, 2020

6.  The community composition variation of Russulaceae associated with the Quercus mongolica forest during the growing season at Wudalianchi City, China.LinkIT
Xing P, Xu Y, Gao T, Li G, Zhou J, Xie M, Ji R
PeerJ, 2020

7.  Two new guaiane sesquiterpenes from the fruiting bodies of Lactarius Deliciosus.LinkIT
Tian CK, Yuan RY, Wang YX, Chen L, Wu Z, Liu L, Cai YS
Journal of Asian natural products research, 2019

8.  Macrofungi of Mata da Margaraça (Portugal), a relic from the Tertiary Age.LinkIT
Natário BAF, Louro R, Santos-Silva C
Biodiversity data journal, 2019

9.  Looks can be deceiving: the deceptive milkcaps (Lactifluus, Russulaceae) exhibit low morphological variance but harbour high genetic diversity.LinkIT
Delgat L, Dierickx G, De Wilde S, Angelini C, De Crop E, De Lange R, Halling R, Manz C, Nuytinck J, Verbeken A
IMA fungus, 2019

10.  A phylogenetic and taxonomic revision of sequestrate Russulaceae in Mediterranean and temperate Europe.LinkIT
Vidal JM, Alvarado P, Loizides M, Konstantinidis G, Chachu?a P, Mleczko P, Moreno G, Vizzini A, Krakhmalnyi M, Paz A, Cabero J, Kaounas V, Slavova M, Moreno-Arroyo B, Llistosella J
Persoonia, 2019