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   Nanochromis dimidiatus (Roter Kongocichlide) 

   Acestrorhynchus altus 
   Aphyosemion cognatum (Redspot panchax) 
   Betta coccina 
   Brycinus imberi (Characin) 
   Cepola macrophthalma (Red band-fish) 
   Cichlasoma festae (Festae cichlid) 
   Cinchona pubescens (quinine) 
   Colisa lalia (Dwarf gourami) 
   Epinephelus diacanthus (Six-barred reef-cod) 
   Glossolepis incisus (Red rainbowfish) 
   Haplochromis limax (Entonga) 
   Hemichromis bimaculatus (African jewelfish) 
   Hyphessobrycon flammeus (flame tetra) 
   Hyphessobrycon griemi (Goldspotted rio) 
   Lutjanus malabaricus (Big-mouth nannygai) 
   Nanochromis dimidiatus 
   Paracheirodon axelrodi (cardinal tetra) 
   Phractura ansorgii (African whiptailed catfish) 
   Rivulus igneus (Loangouma) 
   Scorpaena scrofa (bigscale scorpionfish) 
   Serrasalmus rhombeus (redeye piranha) 
   Tupinambis rufescens (Red Tegu) 
   Urophycis chuss (red hake) 

Broader Terms:
   Cyprinodontiformes (killifishes) 
   Rivulus (Rivulines) 

Colisa lalia
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1.  Genome-Wide Mapping of Loci for Adult-Plant Resistance to Stripe Rust in Durum Wheat Svevo Using the 90K SNP Array.LinkIT
Zhou X, Zhong X, Roter J, Li X, Yao Q, Yan J, Yang S, Guo Q, Distelfeld A, Sela H, Kang Z
Plant disease, 2021

2.  New species of Philygria Stenhammar (Diptera: Ephydridae) from Germany.LinkIT
Stuke JH
Zootaxa, 2021

3.  Engagement and Affective Communication During Pediatric Nephrology Clinic Visits: Associations with Medication Adherence.LinkIT
Glenn TW, Riekert KA, Roter D, Eakin MN, Pruette CS, Brady TM, Mendley SR, Tuchman S, Fivush BA, Eaton CK
Patient education and counseling, 2021

4.  Development of an observational tool to assess health coaching fidelity.LinkIT
Sohl SJ, Lee D, Davidson H, Morriss B, Weinand R, Costa K, Ip EH, Lovato J, Rothman RL, Wolever RQ
Patient education and counseling, 2021

5.  The impact of the number of tests presented and a provider recommendation on decisions about genetic testing for cancer risk.LinkIT
Schwartz MLB, Klein WMP, Erby LAH, Smith CH, Roter DL
Patient education and counseling, 2021

6.  Deliberative and Paternalistic Interaction Styles for Conversational Agents in Digital Health: Procedure and Validation Through a Web-Based Experiment.LinkIT
Schachner T, Gross C, Hasl A, V Wangenheim F, Kowatsch T
Journal of medical Internet research, 2021

7.  What impact does postgraduate clinical training have on empathy among Japanese trainee dentists?LinkIT
Yoshida T, Watanabe S, Kono T, Taketa H, Shiotsu N, Shirai H, Nakai Y, Torii Y
BMC medical education, 2021

8.  Early palliative care integration trial: consultation content and interaction dynamics.LinkIT
Kleiner N, Zambrano SC, Eychm├╝ller S, Zwahlen S
BMJ supportive & palliative care, 2021

9.  Testing a best practices risk result format to communicate genetic risks.LinkIT
Davis KW, Roter DL, Schmidlen T, Scheinfeldt LB, Klein WMP
Patient education and counseling, 2020

10.  Exploring patient-centered aspects of home care communication: a cross-sectional study.LinkIT
H├Âglander J, Eklund JH, Spreeuwenberg P, Eide H, Sundler AJ, Roter D, Holmstr├Âm IK
BMC nursing, 2020