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Broader Terms:
   Diapsida (Diapsid) 
   Reptilia (reptiles) 

More Specific:
   Sphenodon guntheri (Brother islands tuatara) 
   Sphenodon punctatus (tuatara) 
   Sphenodontidae (tuataras) 
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Did you mean: Rhynchocephala, Rhynchocephalus, Rhyncocephala or Rhyncocephalus?

Common Names: Клювоголовые рептилии, rhynchocephalians, beaked reptiles, tuataras

1.  General and specific microscopic characteristics of the dorsal tail scales and the spines of the crest in the tuatara Sphenodon pucntatus (Reptilia; Rhynchocephalia; Sphenodontidae).LinkIT
Alibardi L, Meyer-Rochow VB
Micron (Oxford, England : 1993), 2020

2.  The tuatara genome reveals ancient features of amniote evolution.LinkIT
Gemmell NJ, Rutherford K, Prost S, Tollis M, Winter D, Macey JR, Adelson DL, Suh A, Bertozzi T, Grau JH, Organ C, Gardner PP, Muffato M, Patricio M, Billis K, Martin FJ, Flicek P, Petersen B, Kang L, Michalak P, Buckley TR, Wilson M, Cheng Y, Miller H, Schott RK, Jordan MD, Newcomb RD, Arroyo JI, Valenzuela N, Hore TA, Renart J, Peona V, Peart CR, Warmuth VM, Zeng L, Kortschak RD, Raison JM, Zapata VV, Wu Z, Santesmasses D, Mariotti M, Guigó R, Rupp SM, Twort VG, Dussex N, Taylor H, Abe H, Bond DM, Paterson JM, Mulcahy DG, Gonzalez VL, Barbieri CG, DeMeo DP, Pabinger S, Van Stijn T, Clarke S, Ryder O, Edwards SV, Salzberg SL, Anderson L, Nelson N, Stone C,
Nature, 2020

3.  Bite force data suggests relationship between acrodont tooth implantation and strong bite force.LinkIT
Jenkins KM, Shaw JO
PeerJ, 2020

4.  Colobops: a juvenile rhynchocephalian reptile (Lepidosauromorpha), not a diminutive archosauromorph with an unusually strong bite.LinkIT
Scheyer TM, Spiekman SNF, Sues HD, Ezcurra MD, Butler RJ, Jones MEH
Royal Society open science, 2020

5.  Mechanisms related to sexual determination by temperature in reptiles.LinkIT
Martínez-Juárez A, Moreno-Mendoza N
Journal of thermal biology, 2019

6.  Molecular structure of sauropsid ?-keratins from tuatara (Sphenodon punctatus).LinkIT
Parry DAD, Fraser RDB, Alibardi L, Rutherford KM, Gemmell N
Journal of structural biology, 2019

7.  Unraveling the influences of climate change in Lepidosauria (Reptilia).LinkIT
Diele-Viegas LM, Rocha CFD
Journal of thermal biology, 2018

8.  Effects of Warm Temperatures on Metabolic Rate and Evaporative Water Loss in Tuatara, a Cool-Climate Rhynchocephalian Survivor.LinkIT
Jarvie S, Jowett T, Thompson MB, Seddon PJ, Cree A
Physiological and biochemical zoology : PBZ, 2018

9.  An exploration of differences in the scaling of life history traits with body mass within reptiles and between amniotes.LinkIT
Hallmann K, Griebeler EM
Ecology and evolution, 2018

10.  A new rhynchocephalian (Reptilia: Lepidosauria) from the Late Jurassic of Solnhofen (Germany) and the origin of the marine Pleurosauridae.LinkIT
Bever GS, Norell MA
Royal Society open science, 2017