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   Alpha proteobacteria 

More Specific:
   Rhodococcus aichiensis 
   Rhodococcus aurantiacus 
   Rhodococcus bronchialis 
   Rhodococcus chlorophenolicus 
   Rhodococcus chubuensis 
   Rhodococcus coprophilus 
   Rhodococcus corallinus 
   Rhodococcus equi 
   Rhodococcus erythropolis 
   Rhodococcus fascians 
   Rhodococcus globerulus 
   Rhodococcus jostii 
   Rhodococcus koreensis 
   Rhodococcus luteus 
   Rhodococcus marinonascens 
   Rhodococcus maris 
   Rhodococcus obuensis 
   Rhodococcus opacus 
   Rhodococcus percolatus 
   Rhodococcus pyridinivorans 
   Rhodococcus rhodnii 
   Rhodococcus rhodochrous 
   Rhodococcus roseus 
   Rhodococcus ruber 
   Rhodococcus rubropertinctus 
   Rhodococcus sputi 
   Rhodococcus terrae 
   Rhodococcus wratislaviensis 
   Rhodococcus zopfii 
   environmental samples 
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1.  Exopolysaccharide Produced by Lactiplantibacillus plantarum-12 Alleviates Intestinal Inflammation and Colon Cancer Symptoms by Modulating the Gut Microbiome and Metabolites of C57BL/6 Mice Treated by Azoxymethane/Dextran Sulfate Sodium Salt.LinkIT
Ma F, Song Y, Sun M, Wang A, Jiang S, Mu G, Tuo Y
Foods (Basel, Switzerland), 2021

2.  Blood microbiome is associated with changes in portal hypertension after successful direct-acting antiviral therapy in patients with HCV-related cirrhosis.LinkIT
Virseda-Berdices A, Brochado-Kith O, Díez C, Hontañon V, Berenguer J, González-García J, Rojo D, Fernández-Rodríguez A, Ibañez-Samaniego L, Llop-Herrera E, Olveira A, Perez-Latorre L, Barbas C, Rava M, Resino S, Jiménez-Sousa MA
The Journal of antimicrobial chemotherapy, 2021

3.  Both sampling seasonality and geographic origin contribute significantly to variations in raw milk microbiota, but sampling seasonality is the more determining factor.LinkIT
Guo X, Yu Z, Zhao F, Sun Z, Kwok LY, Li S
Journal of dairy science, 2021

4.  MSCs Therapy Reverse the Gut Microbiota in Hypoxia-Induced Pulmonary Hypertension Mice.LinkIT
Luo L, Chen Q, Yang L, Zhang Z, Xu J, Gou D
Frontiers in physiology, 2021

5.  Genome-Inferred Correspondence between Phylogeny and Metabolic Traits in the Wild Drosophila Gut Microbiome.LinkIT
McMullen JG, Bueno E, Blow F, Douglas AE
Genome biology and evolution, 2021

6.  Draft Genome Sequence of Novel Filterable Rhodospirillales Bacterium Strain TMPK1, Isolated from Soil.LinkIT
Nakai R, Kusada H, Sassa F, Morigasaki S, Hayashi H, Takaya N, Tamaki H
Microbiology resource announcements, 2021

7.  Culturable and Non-Culturable Blood Microbiota of Healthy Individuals.LinkIT
Panaiotov S, Hodzhev Y, Tsafarova B, Tolchkov V, Kalfin R
Microorganisms, 2021

8.  Curvivirga aplysinae gen. nov., sp. nov., a marine bacterium isolated from the sea sponge Aplysina fistularis.LinkIT
Goldberg SR, Haltli BA, Correa H, Kerr RG
International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology, 2021

9.  Liquor Flavour Is Associated With the Physicochemical Property and Microbial Diversity of Fermented Grains in Waxy and Non-waxy Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) During Fermentation.LinkIT
Liu C, Gong X, Zhao G, Soe Htet MN, Jia Z, Yan Z, Liu L, Zhai Q, Huang T, Deng X, Feng B
Frontiers in microbiology, 2021

10.  Connection Between Chromosomal Location and Function of CtrA Phosphorelay Genes in Alphaproteobacteria.LinkIT
Tomasch J, Koppenhöfer S, Lang AS
Frontiers in microbiology, 2021