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   Rhodophycota (red algae) 
   Rhodophyta (red algae) 

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Common Names: red algae, rhodophytes, Rhodophycées

1.  Potential Use of Marine Seaweeds as Prebiotics: A Review.LinkIT
Lopez-Santamarina A, Miranda JM, Mondragon ADC, Lamas A, Cardelle-Cobas A, Franco CM, Cepeda A
Molecules (Basel, Switzerland), 2020

2.  Anti-Cancer Activity of Porphyran and Carrageenan from Red Seaweeds.LinkIT
Liu Z, Gao T, Yang Y, Meng F, Zhan F, Jiang Q, Sun X
Molecules (Basel, Switzerland), 2019

3.  Algae-based metallic nanoparticles: Synthesis, characterization and applications.LinkIT
Khanna P, Kaur A, Goyal D
Journal of microbiological methods, 2019

4.  Whole community estimates of macroalgal pigment concentration within two southern New Zealand kelp forests1.LinkIT
Desmond MJ, Pajusalu L, Pritchard DW, Stephens TA, Hepburn CD
Journal of phycology, 2019

5.  Fishing lines and fish hooks as neglected marine litter: first data on chemical composition, densities, and biological entrapment from a Mediterranean beach.LinkIT
Battisti C, Kroha S, Kozhuharova E, De Michelis S, Fanelli G, Poeta G, Pietrelli L, Cerfolli F
Environmental science and pollution research international, 2019

6.  Lectins from red algae and their biomedical potential.LinkIT
Singh RS, Walia AK
Journal of applied phycology, 2018

7.  Evaluation of the anticoagulant potential of polysaccharide-rich fractions extracted from macroalgae.LinkIT
Adrien A, Dufour D, Baudouin S, Maugard T, Bridiau N
Natural product research, 2017

8.  Marine Algicolous Endophytic Fungi - A Promising Drug Resource of the Era.LinkIT
Sarasan M, Puthumana J, Job N, Han J, Lee JS, Philip R
Journal of microbiology and biotechnology, 2017

9.  Algae Polysaccharides' Chemical Characterization and their Role in the Inflammatory Process.LinkIT
Florez N, Gonzalez-Munoz MJ, Ribeiro D, Fernandes E, Dominguez H, Freitas M
Current medicinal chemistry, 2017

10.  Arctic marine phytobenthos of northern Baffin Island.LinkIT
Küpper FC, Peters AF, Shewring DM, Sayer MD, Mystikou A, Brown H, Azzopardi E, Dargent O, Strittmatter M, Brennan D, Asensi AO, van West P, Wilce RT
Journal of phycology, 2016