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11.  MAPK- and AKT-activated thyroid cancers are sensitive to group I PAK inhibition.LinkIT
Knippler CM, Saji M, Rajan N, Porter K, La Perle KMD, Ringel MD
Endocrine-related cancer, 2019

12.  Machine Learning and Veterinary Pathology: Be Not Afraid!LinkIT
La Perle KMD
Veterinary pathology, 2019

13.  Discrimination of geographical origin of hop (Humulus lupulus L.) using geochemical elements combined with statistical analysis.LinkIT
Pepi S, Chicca M, Telloli C, Di Roma A, Grisenti P, Tessari U, Vaccaro C
Environmental geochemistry and health, 2019

14.  Relapsed or refractory chronic lymphocytic leukemia retreated with rituximab in daily practice: final results of the PERLE study.LinkIT
Chaoui D, Hacini M, Fitoussi O, Karlin L, Arkam Y, Jourdan E, Orfeuvre H, Voillat L, Sanhes L, LeprĂȘtre S, Liu KL, Barry M, Tempescul A, Dilhuydy MS, Chaib A, Slama B, Labourey JL, Benbrahim O, Dreyfus B, MahĂ© B, MaynadiĂ© M, Delmer A, Benkanoun C, Boissard F, Gandon S, Veerabudun K, Choquet S,
Leukemia & lymphoma, 2019

15.  Impaired Specificity of Future Thinking in Alcohol Use Disorders.LinkIT
El Haj M, Moustafa AA, Perle A, Tison P, Cottencin O, Nandrino JL
Alcoholism, clinical and experimental research, 2019

16.  Letter to the Editor: A Case of Posterior Inferior Cerebellar Artery Infarction after Cervical Chiropractic Manipulation (Korean J Neurotrauma 2018;14:159-163).LinkIT
Perle SM, Jung H, Ham J, Choi H
Korean journal of neurotrauma, 2019

17.  [A new life for old anatomical wakes].LinkIT
Toutous Trellu L, Stahl Gretsch LI, Wenger A
Revue medicale suisse, 2019

18.  Exploring the Wind-Borne Spread of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza H5N8 During the 2016-2017 Epizootic in France.LinkIT
Guinat C, Rouchy N, Camy F, Guérin JL, Paul MC
Avian diseases, 2019

19.  Pathology of wild Norway rats in Vancouver, Canada.LinkIT
Rothenburger JL, Himsworth CG, La Perle KMD, Leighton FA, Nemeth NM, Treuting PM, Jardine CM
Journal of veterinary diagnostic investigation : official publication of the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians, Inc, 2019

20.  Pathology Principles and Practices for Analysis of Animal Models.LinkIT
Knoblaugh SE, Hohl TM, La Perle KMD
ILAR journal, 2018