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Common Names: raphidophytes

1.  Effect of algicidal compound N?-acetylhistamine on physiological response and algal toxins in Heterosigma akashiwo.LinkIT
Zhu Q, Wu B, Zhao L
Ecotoxicology and environmental safety, 2020

2.  Monogalactosyldiacylglycerol and Sulfolipid Synthesis in Microalgae.LinkIT
Riccio G, De Luca D, Lauritano C
Marine drugs, 2020

3.  Identification and expression analysis of meiosis-related genes in the harmful alga Heterosigma akashiwo (Raphidophyceae).LinkIT
Ji N, Huang J, Zhang Z, Zhou L, Shen X, Lin S
Harmful algae, 2020

4.  Utilization of various forms of nitrogen and expression regulation of transporters in the harmful alga Heterosigma akashiwo (Raphidophyceae).LinkIT
Ji N, Zhang Z, Huang J, Zhou L, Deng S, Shen X, Lin S
Harmful algae, 2020

5.  Dynamic CO2 and pH levels in coastal, estuarine, and inland waters: Theoretical and observed effects on harmful algal blooms.LinkIT
Raven JA, Gobler CJ, Hansen PJ
Harmful algae, 2020

6.  Differential Responses of a Coastal Prokaryotic Community to Phytoplanktonic Organic Matter Derived from Cellular Components and Exudates.LinkIT
Takebe H, Tominaga K, Fujiwara K, Yamamoto K, Yoshida T
Microbes and environments, 2020

7.  Heteroxanthin as a pigment biomarker for Gonyostomum semen (Raphidophyceae).LinkIT
Hagman CHC, Rohrlack T, Uhlig S, Hostyeva V
PloS one, 2019

8.  Profiling physicochemical and planktonic features from discretely/continuously sampled surface water.LinkIT
Oita A, Tsuboi Y, Date Y, Oshima T, Sakata K, Yokoyama A, Moriya S, Kikuchi J
The Science of the total environment, 2018

9.  Chattonella subsalsa (Raphidophyceae) growth and hemolytic activity in response to agriculturally-derived estuarine contaminants.LinkIT
Flood SL, Burkholder JM
Harmful algae, 2018

10.  Development of a qPCR assay to detect and quantify ichthyotoxic flagellates along the Norwegian coast, and the first Norwegian record of Fibrocapsa japonica (Raphidophyceae).LinkIT
Engesmo A, Strand D, Gran-Stadnicze├▒ko S, Edvardsen B, Medlin LK, Eikrem W
Harmful algae, 2018