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   Acacia farnesiana (sweet acacia) 
   Acacia farnesiana farnesiana 
   Mimosa farnesiana 
   Poponax farnesiana 
   Vachellia farnesiana 

Broader Terms:
   Acacia (acacia) 
   Mimosa (sensitive plant) 

More Specific:
   Acacia farnesiana brachycarpa 
   Acacia farnesiana farnesiana 
   Acacia farnesiana guanacastensis 
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Mimosa farnesiana
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41.  Acasiane A and B and farnesirane A and B, diterpene derivatives from the roots of Acacia farnesiana.LinkIT
Lin AS, Lin CR, Du YC, Lübken T, Chiang MY, Chen IH, Wu CC, Hwang TL, Chen SL, Yen MH, Chang FR, Wu YC
Planta medica, 2009

42.  Purification of a PHA-like chitin-binding protein from Acacia farnesiana seeds: a time-dependent oligomerization protein.LinkIT
Santi-Gadelha T, Rocha BA, Oliveira CC, Aragão KS, Marinho ES, Gadelha CA, Toyama MH, Pinto VP, Nagano CS, Delatorre P, Martins JL, Galvani FR, Sampaio AH, Debray H, Cavada BS
Applied biochemistry and biotechnology, 2008

43.  Antimalarial activity of some Colombian medicinal plants.LinkIT
Garavito G, Rincón J, Arteaga L, Hata Y, Bourdy G, Gimenez A, Pinzón R, Deharo E
Journal of ethnopharmacology, 2006

44.  First Report of Ravenelia spegazziniana on Acacia farnesiana from Brazil.LinkIT
Avanzato MV, da Silveira RMB, Hernández JR
Plant disease, 2006

45.  Final report of the safety assessment of Acacia catechu gum, Acacia concinna fruit extract, Acacia dealbata leaf extract, Acacia dealbata leaf wax, Acacia decurrens extract, Acacia farnesiana extract, Acacia farnesiana flower wax, Acacia farnesiana gum, Acacia senegal extract, Acacia senegal gum, and Acacia senegal gum extract.LinkIT
International journal of toxicology, 2005

46.  Zapoteca formosa: sulfur chemistry and phytotoxicity.LinkIT
Lane N, Weidenhamer JD, Romeo JT
Journal of chemical ecology, 2004

47.  Acclimation of whole-plant Acacia farnesiana transpiration to carbon dioxide concentration.LinkIT
Dugas WA, Polley HW, Mayeux HS, Johnson HB
Tree physiology, 2001

48.  Seasonal variation of macro and trace mineral contents in 14 browse species that grow in northeastern Mexico.LinkIT
Ramirez RG, Haenlein GF, Núñez-González MA
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49.  Low chitinase activity in Acacia myrmecophytes: a potential trade-off between biotic and chemical defences?LinkIT
Heil M, Staehelin C, McKey D
Die Naturwissenschaften, 2000

50.  "In vitro" effect of Egyptian tannin-containing plants and their extracts on the survival of pathogenic bacteria.LinkIT
Sotohy SA, Müller W, Ismail AA
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