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   Ramaria vinosimaculans 

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31.  Outbreak of fatal mushroom poisoning with Amanita franchetii and Ramaria rufescens.LinkIT
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32.  Mycorrhizal morphotyping and molecular characterization of Chondrogaster angustisporus Giachini, Castellano, Trappe & Oliveira, an ectomycorrhizal fungus from Eucalyptus.LinkIT
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36.  Cultural Characteristics for the Enhanced Mycelial Growth of Ramaria botrytis.LinkIT
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37.  Morphological and molecular characterization of selected Ramaria mycorrhizae.LinkIT
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38.  Traditional knowledge about mushrooms in a Nahua community in the state of Tlaxcala, Mexico.LinkIT
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40.  Preparation and specificity of antibodies to an anti-tumor beta-glucan, lentinan.LinkIT
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