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   Mononegavirales (negative-sense genome single-stranded RNA viruses) 
   RYMV (Small circular viroid-like RNA associated with rice yellow mottle virus) 

Broader Terms:
   Dna rna reverse transcribing viruses 

More Specific:
   RNA interference vector 
   RNA similarity 
   RNA transcription vector 
   Rna viruses 
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1.  Identification of a competing endogenous RNA axis related to gastric cancer.LinkIT
Zu F, Han H, Sheng W, Sun J, Zang H, Liang Y, Liu Q
Aging, 2020

2.  LncRNA FAM181A-AS1 promotes gliomagenesis by sponging miR-129-5p and upregulating ZRANB2.LinkIT
Jiang X, Chen D
Aging, 2020

3.  Importance of microRNAs in Skin Oncogenesis and Their Suitability as Agents and Targets for Topical Therapy.LinkIT
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5.  The impact of ARID1A mutation on molecular characteristics in colorectal cancer.LinkIT
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6.  PBA2, a novel compound, enhances radiosensitivity in various carcinoma cells by activating the p53 pathway in vitro and in vivo.LinkIT
Liang SB, Wang F, Luo M, Zhang H, Wu SC, Zhen C, Fu LW
Free radical biology & medicine, 2020

7.  Long non-coding RNA SNHG29 regulates cell senescence via p53/p21 signaling in spontaneous preterm birth.LinkIT
Jiang J, Hu H, Chen Q, Zhang Y, Chen W, Huang Q, Chen X, Li J, Zhong M
Placenta, 2020

8.  The involvement of hsa_circ_0000417 in the development of hypospadias by regulating AR.LinkIT
Chao Chen, Jian YY, Zhao XY, Liu YL, Xie QK
Differentiation; research in biological diversity, 2020

9.  Stat2-Drp1 mediated mitochondrial mass increase is necessary for pro-inflammatory differentiation of macrophages.LinkIT
Yu W, Wang X, Zhao J, Liu R, Liu J, Wang Z, Peng J, Wu H, Zhang X, Long Z, Kong D, Li W, Hai C
Redox biology, 2020

10.  Oxidative stress resulting from the removal of endogenous catalase induces obesity by promoting hyperplasia and hypertrophy of white adipocytes.LinkIT
Shin SK, Cho HW, Song SE, Im SS, Bae JH, Song DK
Redox biology, 2020