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   Chromatiaceae (purple sulfur bacteria) 
   Ectothiorhodospiraceae (purple sulfur bacteria ) 
   Proteobacteria (purple photosynthetic bacteria and relatives) 
   Rhodospirillaceae (purple nonsulfur bacteria) 


Broader Terms:
   Bacteria regnum 
   Gram negative walls 

More Specific:
   Alpha proteobacteria 
   Beta proteobacteria 
   Delta proteobacteria 
   Epsilon proteobacteria 
   Gamma proteobacteria 
   Purple bacteria alpha subdivision 
   Purple bacteria beta subdivision 
   Purple bacteria delta subdivision 
   Purple bacteria epsilon subdivision 
   Purple bacteria gamma subdivision 
   delta/epsilon subdivisions 
   environmental samples 
   purple bacteria relatives 

External Resources:

1.  Observation of Ultrafast Coherence Transfer and Degenerate States with Polarization-Controlled Two-Dimensional Electronic Spectroscopy.LinkIT
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4.  Quinone transport in the closed light-harvesting 1 reaction center complex from the thermophilic purple bacterium Thermochromatium tepidum.LinkIT
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6.  Photoheterotrophic Assimilation of Valerate and Associated Polyhydroxyalkanoate Production by Rhodospirillum rubrum.LinkIT
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7.  Acquirement of water-splitting ability and alteration of the charge-separation mechanism in photosynthetic reaction centers.LinkIT
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