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   Pteroneta ultramarina 

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1.  Does niche divergence accompany allopatric divergence in Aphelocoma jays as predicted under ecological speciation? Insights from tests with niche models.LinkIT
McCormack JE, Zellmer AJ, Knowles LL
Evolution; international journal of organic evolution, 2010

2.  Niche expansion leads to small-scale adaptive divergence along an elevation gradient in a medium-sized passerine bird.LinkIT
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3.  Integrating paleoecology and genetics of bird populations in two sky island archipelagos.LinkIT
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4.  Speciation in the highlands of Mexico: genetic and phenotypic divergence in the Mexican jay (Aphelocoma ultramarina).LinkIT
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Molecular ecology, 2008

5.  Geographic variation in Mexican jays (Aphelocoma ultramarina): local differentiation, polyphyly or hybridization?LinkIT
Bhagabati NK, Brown JL, Bowen BS
Molecular ecology, 2004

6.  High frequency of extrapair fertilization in a plural breeding bird, the Mexican jay, revealed by DNA microsatellites.LinkIT
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Animal behaviour, 2000

7.  Testosterone and social and reproductive behaviour in Aphelocoma jays.LinkIT
Vleck CM, Brown JL
Animal behaviour, 1999

8.  Long-term trend toward earlier breeding in an American bird: a response to global warming?LinkIT
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9.  Effects of vasoactive intestinal peptide on prolactin secretion in three species of passerine birds.LinkIT
Vleck CM, Patrick DJ
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10.  Isolation of tetranucleotide microsatellites from the Mexican jay Aphelocoma ultramarina.LinkIT
Li SH, Huang YJ, Brown JL
Molecular ecology, 1997