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1.  In vitro effects of Bifidobacterium lactis-based synbiotics on human faecal bacteria.LinkIT
Henrique-Bana FC, Wang X, Costa GN, Spinosa WA, Miglioranza LHS, Scorletti E, Calder PC, Byrne CD, Gibson GR
Food research international (Ottawa, Ont.), 2020

2.  Preclinical toxicological study of prolonged exposure to ketamine as an antidepressant.LinkIT
Zaccarelli-Magalhães J, Fukushima AR, Moreira N, Manes M, de Abreu GR, Ricci EL, Waziry PAF, Spinosa HS
Pharmacological reports : PR, 2020

3.  Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease- evidence for a thrombophilic state?LinkIT
Spinosa M, Stine JG
Current pharmaceutical design, 2020

4.  Copro-prevalence and Risk Factor Assessment of Gastrointestinal Parasitism in Indian Domestic Pigs.LinkIT
Sharma D, Singh NK, Singh H, Rath SS
Helminthologia, 2020

5.  Comparing Live and Digital Augmented Reality Models for Demonstrating Two Motor Skills From the Test of Gross Motor Development-Second Edition: TGMD-2.LinkIT
Spinosa RMO, Santo DL, Costa RZF, Pazetto NF, Santos CRD, Medina-Papst J, Marques I
Perceptual and motor skills, 2020

6.  Aqueous Root Extract from Ononis spinosa Exerts Anti-adhesive Activity against Uropathogenic Escherichia coli.LinkIT
Deipenbrock M, Sendker J, Hensel A
Planta medica, 2020

7.  Antinociceptive effects of green synthesized copper nanoparticles alone or in combination with morphine.LinkIT
Mahmoudvand H, Khaksarian M, Ebrahimi K, Shiravand S, Jahanbakhsh S, Niazi M, Nadri S
Annals of medicine and surgery (2012), 2020

8.  Management Considerations for Recalcitrant Hyperemesis.LinkIT
Spinosa D, Post A, Kuller JA, Dotters-Katz S
Obstetrical & gynecological survey, 2020

9.  New approach in the characterization of bioactive compounds isolated from Calycotome spinosa (L.) Link leaves by the use of negative electrospray ionization LITMSn, LC-ESI-MS/MS, as well as NMR analysis.LinkIT
Cherfia R, Zaiter A, Akkal S, Chaimbault P, Abdelwahab AB, Kirsch G, Kacem Chaouche N
Bioorganic chemistry, 2019

10.  Effects of ivermectin treatment during prepubertal and pubertal period on sexual parameters and sexual behavior in adulthood in rats.LinkIT
Moreira N, Vicente FL, Sandini TM, Martinelli ECL, Navas-Suárez PE, Reis-Silva TM, Spinosa HS
Research in veterinary science, 2019