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   Pteroneta saltans 

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41.  Comparative Metabolism of Free-living Bodo saltans and Parasitic Trypanosomatids.LinkIT
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42.  Soil biochar amendment shapes the composition of N2O-reducing microbial communities.LinkIT
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43.  Chronic exposure to soil salinity in terrestrial species: Does plasticity and underlying physiology differ among specialized ground-dwelling spiders?LinkIT
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44.  Abundance, diversity and community composition of free-living protozoa on vegetable sprouts.LinkIT
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46.  Endoscopic Treatment of Gluteus Medius Tears: A Review.LinkIT
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47.  Selenoproteins of African trypanosomes are dispensable for parasite survival in a mammalian host.LinkIT
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48.  Kinetoplastid Phylogenomics Reveals the Evolutionary Innovations Associated with the Origins of Parasitism.LinkIT
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49.  Disorders of the Peritrochanteric and Deep Gluteal Space: New Frontiers for Arthroscopy.LinkIT
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50.  Understanding and Treating the Snapping Hip.LinkIT
Yen YM, Lewis CL, Kim YJ
Sports medicine and arthroscopy review, 2015