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   Pteroneta saltans 

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1.  Residual vitellus and energetic state of wolf spiderlings Pardosa saltans after emergence from egg-sac until first predation.LinkIT
Laino A, Cunningham M, Garcia F, Trabalon M
Journal of comparative physiology. B, Biochemical, systemic, and environmental physiology, 2020

2.  Iliopsoas Release: A Systematic Review of Clinical Efficacy and Associated Complications.LinkIT
Longstaffe R, Hendrikx S, Naudie D, Willits K, Degen RM
Clinical journal of sport medicine : official journal of the Canadian Academy of Sport Medicine, 2020

3.  Plasmid Display for Stabilization of Enzymes Inside the Cell to Improve Whole-Cell Biotransformation Efficiency.LinkIT
Park Y, Shin J, Yang J, Kim H, Jung Y, Oh H, Kim Y, Hwang J, Park M, Ban C, Jeong KJ, Kim SK, Kweon DH
Frontiers in bioengineering and biotechnology, 2019

4.  Isolation of Yasminevirus, the First Member of Klosneuvirinae Isolated in Coculture with Vermamoeba vermiformis, Demonstrates an Extended Arsenal of Translational Apparatus Components.LinkIT
Bajrai LH, Mougari S, Andreani J, Baptiste E, Delerce J, Raoult D, Azhar EI, La Scola B, Levasseur A
Journal of virology, 2019

5.  Endoscopic treatment of bilateral hallux saltans in an ordinary woman.LinkIT
Tokgöz MA, Kanatl? U, Vural A, Atao?lu MB, Yapar A, Ergi?i Y
Eklem hastaliklari ve cerrahisi = Joint diseases & related surgery, 2019

6.  Phylogenetic position of the Drosophila fima and dentissima lineages, and the status of the D. melanogaster species group.LinkIT
Kopp A, Barmina O, Prigent SR
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution, 2019

7.  Study of VIPER and TATE in kinetoplastids and the evolution of tyrosine recombinase retrotransposons.LinkIT
Ribeiro YC, Robe LJ, Veluza DS, Dos Santos CMB, Lopes ALK, Krieger MA, Ludwig A
Mobile DNA, 2019

8.  The Dancing Star: Reinvestigation of Artodiscus saltans (Variosea, Amoebozoa) Penard 1890.LinkIT
Ntakou E, Siemensma F, Bonkowski M, Dumack K
Protist, 2019

9.  Structure and dynamics analysis of a new member heparinase II/III of family 12 polysaccharide lyase from Pseudopedobacter saltans by computational modeling and small-angle X-ray scattering.LinkIT
Balasubramaniam K, Sharma K, Goyal A
Journal of biomolecular structure & dynamics, 2019

10.  Complications associated with combined surgical hip dislocation and periacetabular osteotomy for complex hip deformities.LinkIT
Edelstein AI, Duncan ST, Akers S, Pashos G, Schoenecker PL, Clohisy JC
Journal of hip preservation surgery, 2019