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   Dendrochirus zebra (Zebra turkeyfish) 
   Pterois zebra 

Broader Terms:
   Pterois (lionfishes) 
   Scorpaeniformes (scorpion fishes) 
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Common Names: Lalong, Lepu, zebra firefish, Lain, Depu, Dwarf lionfish, Danuy ranuy, Laaligere, Cá Mù làn chấm hoa, Scorpion kembang, Zebra lionfish, Minokasago, 獅子魚, Zebra-dragefisk, Sebra-kalkoenvis, Zebradrakfisk, Cá Mao Tiên, Poisson armée, Gedempu, Cá Mao TiÍn, Kirinmino, Galinha zebra, Zebra turkeyfish, Ranuy ranuy, 狮子鱼 ....

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2.  Toxin gene determination and evolution in scorpaenoid fish.LinkIT
Chuang PS, Shiao JC
Toxicon : official journal of the International Society on Toxinology, 2014

3.  Lionfish predators use flared fin displays to initiate cooperative hunting.LinkIT
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4.  Ultimate predators: lionfish have evolved to circumvent prey risk assessment abilities.LinkIT
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