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   Hemichordata (hemichordates) 

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1.  Cambrian Tentaculate Worms and the Origin of the Hemichordate Body Plan.LinkIT
Nanglu K, Caron JB, Cameron CB
Current biology : CB, 2020

2.  Cephalodiscus planitectus sp. nov. (Hemichordata: Pterobranchia) from Sagami Bay, Japan.LinkIT
Miyamoto N, Nishikawa T, Namikawa H
Zoological science, 2020

3.  Mitogenomics Reveals a Novel Genetic Code in Hemichordata.LinkIT
Li Y, Kocot KM, Tassia MG, Cannon JT, Bernt M, Halanych KM
Genome biology and evolution, 2019

4.  The Global Diversity of Hemichordata.LinkIT
Tassia MG, Cannon JT, Konikoff CE, Shenkar N, Halanych KM, Swalla BJ
PloS one, 2016

5.  Phylogenomic resolution of the hemichordate and echinoderm clade.LinkIT
Cannon JT, Kocot KM, Waits DS, Weese DA, Swalla BJ, Santos SR, Halanych KM
Current biology : CB, 2014

6.  [Evolutionary history of Metazoa, ancestral status of the bilateria clonal reproduction, and semicolonial origin of the mollusca].LinkIT
Martynov AV
Zhurnal obshchei biologii, 2013

7.  The impact of mitochondrial genome analyses on the understanding of deuterostome phylogeny.LinkIT
Perseke M, Golombek A, Schlegel M, Struck TH
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution, 2013

8.  The enigmatic mitochondrial genome of Rhabdopleura compacta (Pterobranchia) reveals insights into selection of an efficient tRNA system and supports monophyly of Ambulacraria.LinkIT
Perseke M, Hetmank J, Bernt M, Stadler PF, Schlegel M, Bernhard D
BMC evolutionary biology, 2011

9.  The anatomy, life habits, and later development of a new species of enteropneust, Harrimania planktophilus (Hemichordata: Harrimaniidae) from Barkley Sound.LinkIT
Cameron CB
The Biological bulletin, 2002

10.  Evolution of the chordate body plan: new insights from phylogenetic analyses of deuterostome phyla.LinkIT
Cameron CB, Garey JR, Swalla BJ
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2000