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   Eugnathogobius oligactis 
   Pseudogobius neglectus 

Broader Terms:
   Pseudogobius (snouted gobies) 

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31.  Quantification of cell-cycle distribution and mitotic index in Hydra by flow cytometry.LinkIT
Ulrich H, Tárnok A
Cell proliferation, 2005

32.  Identification of a new member of the GLWamide peptide family: physiological activity and cellular localization in cnidarian polyps.LinkIT
Takahashi T, Kobayakawa Y, Muneoka Y, Fujisawa Y, Mohri S, Hatta M, Shimizu H, Fujisawa T, Sugiyama T, Takahara M, Yanagi K, Koizumi O
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33.  Epithelial interactions in Hydra: apoptosis in interspecies grafts is induced by detachment from the extracellular matrix.LinkIT
Kuznetsov SG, Anton-Erxleben F, Bosch TC
The Journal of experimental biology, 2002

34.  The toxicity of copper, cadmium and zinc to four different Hydra (Cnidaria: Hydrozoa).LinkIT
Karntanut W, Pascoe D
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35.  [Monoclonal antibodies to Hydra vulgaris and Hydra oligactis antigens].LinkIT
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36.  Hydra constitutively expresses transcripts involved in vertebrate neural differentiation.LinkIT
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Journal of biosciences, 2001

37.  The lack of a stress response in Hydra oligactis is due to reduced hsp70 mRNA stability.LinkIT
Brennecke T, Gellner K, Bosch TC
European journal of biochemistry, 1998

38.  The dynamics of head activation changes during proportioning in Hydra oligactis with altered head-body ratios.LinkIT
Javois LC, Bessette DR
Developmental biology, 1996

39.  Competition for factors and cellular resources as a principle of pattern formation in Hydra. I. Increase of the potentials for head and bud formation and rescue of the regeneration-deficient mutant reg-16 by treatment with diacylglycerol and arachidonic acid.LinkIT
Müller WA
Developmental biology, 1995

40.  Peptides related to the Diploptera punctata allatostatins in nonarthropod invertebrates: an immunocytochemical survey.LinkIT
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