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   Pseudogobius avicennia 
   Vaimosa avicennia 

Broader Terms:
   Perciformes (perch-likes) 
   Pseudogobius (snouted gobies) 

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Common Names: 大眼擬鰕虎魚, 大眼拟鰕虎鱼

31.  Effect of mangrove restoration on sediment properties and bacterial community.LinkIT
Ma XX, Jiang ZY, Wu P, Wang YF, Cheng H, Wang YS, Gu JD
Ecotoxicology (London, England), 2021

32.  Spatial and seasonal metal variation, bioaccumulation and biomonitoring potential of halophytes from littoral zones of the Karachi Coast.LinkIT
Mujeeb A, Aziz I, Ahmed MZ, Shafiq S, Fatima S, Alvi SK
The Science of the total environment, 2021

33.  Storage and recycling of major and trace element in mangroves.LinkIT
Ray R, Mandal SK, González AG, Pokrovsky OS, Jana TK
The Science of the total environment, 2021

34.  (-)-4-O-(4-O-?-D-glucopyranosylcaffeoyl) quinic acid exerts anti-tumour effects against uveal melanoma through PI3K/AKT pathway.LinkIT
Kang H, Ling F, Xin X, Ping L
Cutaneous and ocular toxicology, 2021

35.  Pyrrolyl 4-quinolone alkaloids from the mangrove endophytic fungus Penicillium steckii SCSIO 41025: Chiral resolution, configurational assignment, and enzyme inhibitory activities.LinkIT
Chen CM, Chen WH, Pang XY, Liao SR, Wang JF, Lin XP, Yang B, Zhou XF, Luo XW, Liu YH
Phytochemistry, 2021

36.  New Insights into the Microplastic Enrichment in the Blue Carbon Ecosystem: Evidence from Seagrass Meadows and Mangrove Forests in Coastal South China Sea.LinkIT
Huang Y, Xiao X, Effiong K, Xu C, Su Z, Hu J, Jiao S, Holmer M
Environmental science & technology, 2021

37.  Biogenic copper nanoparticles from Avicennia marina leaves: Impact on seed germination, detoxification enzymes, chlorophyll content and uptake by wheat seedlings.LinkIT
Essa HL, Abdelfattah MS, Marzouk AS, Shedeed Z, Guirguis HA, El-Sayed MMH
PloS one, 2021

38.  16S rRNA gene amplicon-based metagenomic analysis of bacterial communities in the rhizospheres of selected mangrove species from Mida Creek and Gazi Bay, Kenya.LinkIT
Muwawa EM, Obieze CC, Makonde HM, Jefwa JM, Kahindi JHP, Khasa DP
PloS one, 2021

39.  Ocean Currents Drove Genetic Structure of Seven Dominant Mangrove Species Along the Coastlines of Southern China.LinkIT
Geng Q, Wang Z, Tao J, Kimura MK, Liu H, Hogetsu T, Lian C
Frontiers in genetics, 2021

40.  Natural seedling recruitment and regeneration in deforested and sand-filled Mangrove forest at Eagle Island, Niger Delta, Nigeria.LinkIT
Numbere AO
Ecology and evolution, 2021