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   Pseudogobius avicennia 
   Vaimosa avicennia 

Broader Terms:
   Perciformes (perch-like fishes) 
   Pseudogobius (snouted gobies) 

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Common Names: 大眼拟鰕虎鱼, 大眼擬鰕虎魚

11.  Source or sink? A study on the methane flux from mangroves stems in Zhangjiang estuary, southeast coast of China.LinkIT
Gao CH, Zhang S, Ding QS, Wei MY, Li H, Li J, Wen C, Gao GF, Liu Y, Zhou JJ, Zhang JY, You YP, Zheng HL
The Science of the total environment, 2021

12.  Phycicoccus avicenniae sp. nov., a novel endophytic actinomycete isolated from a branch of Avicennia mariana.LinkIT
Chen MS, Chen XH, Huang ZH, Yan XR, Tuo L
Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, 2021

13.  Enhancing growth of mangrove seedlings in the environmentally extreme Arabian Gulf using treated sewage sludge.LinkIT
Erftemeijer PLA, Cambridge ML, Price BA, Ito S, Yamamoto H, Agastian T, Burt JA
Marine pollution bulletin, 2021

14.  Comparison of mangrove (Avicennia marina) metal tissue concentrations to ambient sediment with an extensive range of contaminant levels in a highly-modified estuary (Sydney estuary, Australia).LinkIT
Besley CH, Birch GF
Marine pollution bulletin, 2021

15.  A reference-grade genome identifies salt-tolerance genes from the salt-secreting mangrove species Avicennia marina.LinkIT
Natarajan P, Murugesan AK, Govindan G, Gopalakrishnan A, Kumar R, Duraisamy P, Balaji R, Tanuja, Shyamli PS, Parida AK, Parani M
Communications biology, 2021

16.  Accumulation of heavy metals by Avicennia marina in the highly saline Red Sea coast.LinkIT
El Ashmawy AA, Masoud MS, Yoshimura C, Dilini K, Abdel-Halim AM
Environmental science and pollution research international, 2021

17.  Storm surge and ponding explain mangrove dieback in southwest Florida following Hurricane Irma.LinkIT
Lagomasino D, Fatoyinbo T, Castañeda-Moya E, Cook BD, Montesano PM, Neigh CSR, Corp LA, Ott LE, Chavez S, Morton DC
Nature communications, 2021

18.  Co-benefits of protecting mangroves for biodiversity conservation and carbon storage.LinkIT
Rahman MM, Zimmer M, Ahmed I, Donato D, Kanzaki M, Xu M
Nature communications, 2021

19.  Fractionation and Distribution of Rare Earth Elements in Marine Sediment and Bioavailability in Avicennia marina in Central Red Sea Mangrove Ecosystems.LinkIT
Alhassan AB, Aljahdali MO
Plants (Basel, Switzerland), 2021

20.  Characterization of the chloroplast genome of Verbena officinalis Linn. (Verbenaceae) and its phylogenetic analysis.LinkIT
Fang Z, Qian G, Yu N, Han R, Ge D
Mitochondrial DNA. Part B, Resources, 2021