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   Pseudamia hayashii (Hayashi's cardinalfish) 
   Pseudamia zonata (Paddlefin cardinalfish) 
   Pseudamiops phasma 

Broader Terms:
   Apogonidae (cardinalfishes) 

More Specific:
   Pseudamiops diaphanes (Transparent cardinalfish) 
   Pseudamiops gracilicauda (Graceful-tailed cardinalfish) 
   Pseudamiops gracillicauda 
   Pseudamiops pellucidus (limpid cardinal) 
   Pseudamiops phasma 

External Resources:

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2.  Revision of the systematics of the cardinalfishes (Percomorpha: Apogonidae) based on molecular analyses and comparative reevaluation of morphological characters.LinkIT
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3.  Description of a new species of the cardinalfish genus Pseudamiops (Perciformes, Apogonidae) from the Red Sea.LinkIT
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