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   Bacteria regnum 
   Gram negative walls 

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   Alpha proteobacteria 
   Beta proteobacteria 
   Delta proteobacteria 
   Epsilon proteobacteria 
   Gamma proteobacteria 
   Proteobacteria alpha subdivision 
   Proteobacteria beta subdivision 
   Proteobacteria delta subdivision 
   Proteobacteria epsilon subdivision 
   Proteobacteria gamma subdivision 
   Proteobacteria str 
   delta/epsilon subdivisions 
   environmental samples 
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Common Names: purple bacteria and relatives, purple photosynthetic bacteria and relatives, Purple bacteria, purple photosynthetic bacteria, purple non-sulfur bacteria

11.  Inclusion of Lactobacillus salivarius strain revealed a positive effect on improving growth performance, fecal microbiota and immunological responses in chicken.LinkIT
Sureshkumar S, Lee HC, Jung SK, Kim D, Oh KB, Yang H, Jo YJ, Lee HS, Lee S, Byun SJ
Archives of microbiology, 2020

12.  Gut Microbiota and Epilepsy: A Systematic Review on Their Relationship and Possible Therapeutics.LinkIT
Arulsamy A, Tan QY, Balasubramaniam V, O'Brien TJ, Shaikh MF
ACS chemical neuroscience, 2020

13.  Multispecies diesel fuel biodegradation and niche formation are ignited by pioneer hydrocarbon-utilizing proteobacteria in a soil bacterial consortium.LinkIT
Mori JF, Kanaly RA
Applied and environmental microbiology, 2020

14.  Study on the Diversity and Function of Gut Microbiota in Pigs Following Long-Term Antibiotic and Antibiotic-Free Breeding.LinkIT
Li Y, Zhu Y, Wei H, Chen Y, Shang H
Current microbiology, 2020

15.  Microbiota characterization in Blastocystis-colonized and Blastocystis-free school-age children from Colombia.LinkIT
Castañeda S, Muñoz M, Villamizar X, Hernández PC, Vásquez LR, Tito RY, Ramírez JD
Parasites & vectors, 2020

16.  The airway microbiome in COPD, bronchiectasis and bronchiectasis-COPD overlap.LinkIT
Tiew PY, Jaggi TK, Chan LLY, Chotirmall SH
The clinical respiratory journal, 2020

17.  Characterization of the bacterial microbiomes of social amoebae and exploration of the roles of host and environment on microbiome composition.LinkIT
Sallinger E, Robeson MS, Haselkorn TS
Environmental microbiology, 2020

18.  Culturable Bacterial Community on Leaves of Assam Tea (Camellia sinensis var. assamica) in Thailand and Human Probiotic Potential of Isolated Bacillus spp.LinkIT
Rungsirivanich P, Supandee W, Futui W, Chumsai-Na-Ayudhya V, Yodsombat C, Thongwai N
Microorganisms, 2020

19.  Alterations of the Bile Microbiome in Recurrent Common Bile Duct Stone.LinkIT
Ye C, Zhou W, Zhang H, Miao L, Lv G
BioMed research international, 2020

20.  An Assessment of the Stability of the Canine Oral Microbiota After Probiotic Administration in Healthy Dogs Over Time.LinkIT
Bell SE, Nash AK, Zanghi BM, Otto CM, Perry EB
Frontiers in veterinary science, 2020