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   Chlorophycota (green algae) 
   Chlorophyta (green algae) 
   Prasinophyta (green flagellates) 

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   environmental samples 
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Common Names: Prasinophytes

1.  Long-term study of seasonal changes in phytoplankton community structure in the western Mediterranean (Valencian Community).LinkIT
Paches M, Aguado D, Martínez-Guijarro R, Romero I
Environmental science and pollution research international, 2019

2.  Winter picoplankton diversity in an oligotrophic marginal sea.LinkIT
Mucko M, Bosak S, Casotti R, Balestra C, Ljube?i? Z
Marine genomics, 2018

3.  Identification and analysis of OsttaDSP, a phosphoglucan phosphatase from Ostreococcus tauri.LinkIT
Carrillo JB, Gomez-Casati DF, Martín M, Busi MV
PloS one, 2018

4.  Genome-wide analysis of carbohydrate-active enzymes in Pyramimonas parkeae (Prasinophyceae).LinkIT
Satjarak A, Graham LE
Journal of phycology, 2017

5.  Comparative DNA sequence analyses of Pyramimonas parkeae (Prasinophyceae) chloroplast genomes.LinkIT
Satjarak A, Graham LE
Journal of phycology, 2017

6.  Intracellular amorphous carbonates uncover a new biomineralization process in eukaryotes.LinkIT
Martignier A, Pacton M, Filella M, Jaquet JM, Barja F, Pollok K, Langenhorst F, Lavigne S, Guagliardo P, Kilburn MR, Thomas C, Martini R, Ariztegui D
Geobiology, 2017

7.  Mixotrophy in the newly described dinoflagellate Yihiella yeosuensis: A small, fast dinoflagellate predator that grows mixotrophically, but not autotrophically.LinkIT
Jang SH, Jeong HJ, Kwon JE, Lee KH
Harmful algae, 2017

8.  Cloning, molecular characterization, and phylogeny of two evolutionary distinct glutamine synthetase isoforms in the green microalga Haematococcus pluvialis (Chlorophyceae).LinkIT
Reinecke DL, Zarka A, Leu S, Boussiba S
Journal of phycology, 2016

9.  Is chloroplastic class IIA aldolase a marine enzyme?LinkIT
Miyasaka H, Ogata T, Tanaka S, Ohama T, Kano S, Kazuhiro F, Hayashi S, Yamamoto S, Takahashi H, Matsuura H, Hirata K
The ISME journal, 2016

10.  Identifying Aspects of the Post-Transcriptional Program Governing the Proteome of the Green Alga Micromonas pusilla.LinkIT
Waltman PH, Guo J, Reistetter EN, Purvine S, Ansong CK, van Baren MJ, Wong CH, Wei CL, Smith RD, Callister SJ, Stuart JM, Worden AZ
PloS one, 2016