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   Polyactis botryoidea 
   Polyactis caerulescens 
   Polyactis cana 
   Polyactis capitata 
   Polyactis carnea 
   Polyactis crystallina 
   Polyactis curta 
   Polyactis delphinifolia 
   Polyactis depraedans 
   Polyactis divaricata 
   Polyactis epigaea 
   Polyactis fascicularis 
   Polyactis fulva 
   Polyactis fusca 
   Polyactis galanthina 
   Polyactis geophila 
   Polyactis grisea 
   Polyactis infestans 
   Polyactis leucospora 
   Polyactis mucedo 
   Polyactis multifida 
   Polyactis nigra 
   Polyactis olivacea 
   Polyactis pulvinata 
   Polyactis quadrifida 
   Polyactis repens 
   Polyactis sclerotiophila 
   Polyactis simplex 
   Polyactis sprengelii 
   Polyactis streptothrix 
   Polyactis truncata 
   Polyactis turbinata 
   Polyactis vulgaris 

External Resources:

1.  Impact of pre-closure fishing effort on marine protected area performance in social-ecological dimensions: Implications for developing marine conservation plans.LinkIT
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2.  Evaluating fisheries conservation strategies in the socio-ecological system: A grid-based dynamic model to link spatial conservation prioritization tools with tactical fisheries management.LinkIT
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3.  Antioxidant Peptides from Collagen Hydrolysate of Redlip Croaker (Pseudosciaena polyactis) Scales: Preparation, Characterization, and Cytoprotective Effects on H2O2-Damaged HepG2 Cells.LinkIT
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4.  Effects of Various Drying Methods on Physicochemical Characteristics and Textural Features of Yellow Croaker (Larimichthys Polyactis).LinkIT
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5.  Transcriptome analyses provide the first insight into the molecular basis of cold tolerance in Larimichthys polyactis.LinkIT
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6.  Expression and potential functions of KIF3A/3B to promote nuclear reshaping and tail formation during Larimichthys polyactis spermiogenesis.LinkIT
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