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Broader Terms:
   Osphronemidae (giant gouramis) 
   Pseudochromidae (Dottybacks) 

More Specific:
   Polyacanthus aculeatus 
   Polyacanthus angustifolius 
   Polyacanthus chinensis 
   Polyacanthus cupanus 
   Polyacanthus cupanus dayi 
   Polyacanthus dayi 
   Polyacanthus einthovenii 
   Polyacanthus fasciatus (striped gourami) 
   Polyacanthus flavus 
   Polyacanthus hasselti 
   Polyacanthus helfrichii 
   Polyacanthus korotneffi 
   Polyacanthus kuhlii 
   Polyacanthus lalius 
   Polyacanthus maximus 
   Polyacanthus olivaceus 
   Polyacanthus opercularis 
   Polyacanthus paludosus 
   Polyacanthus queenslandiae 
   Polyacanthus signatus 
   Polyacanthus sota 
   Polyacanthus stenophyllus 
   Polyacanthus transvaalensis 

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1.  The impact of long-term reduced access to cleaner fish on health indicators of resident client fish.LinkIT
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2.  The effects of constant and fluctuating elevated pCO2 levels on oxygen uptake rates of coral reef fishes.LinkIT
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3.  Beneficial effects of diel CO2 cycles on reef fish metabolic performance are diminished under elevated temperature.LinkIT
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4.  Molecular characterization and functional analysis of tumor necrosis factor receptor-associated factor 2/7 and tumor necrosis factor receptor 1-associated death domain protein from Larimichthys crocea.LinkIT
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Fish & shellfish immunology, 2020

5.  Parents know best: transgenerational predator recognition through parental effects.LinkIT
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8.  Long-term acclimation to near-future ocean acidification has negligible effects on energetic attributes in a juvenile coral reef fish.LinkIT
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9.  Boat noise affects the early life history of two damselfishes.LinkIT
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10.  Impacts of increased ocean temperatures on a low-latitude coral reef fish - Processes related to oxygen uptake and delivery.LinkIT
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